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How to Assist Treatment of BEP during the two weeks off

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  • How to Assist Treatment of BEP during the two weeks off

    Hello all

    Can anyone advise what is the best strategy during the two weeks after infusions? What is the actually point of the two week break? To allow the body to recover from infusion or to allow the drugs to circulate?

    I realise that I am only just starting first cycle and that after cycles 2 and 3 I may be dead to the world and be unable to do anything but rest in bed, but I can't help feeling somewhat 'inert'. I am planning on having moderate morning exercise and some light resistance training on a daily basis and trying to minimise fat and increase protein. Also, I am not into woo woo but there is a mind body connection and I wonder if anyone has had any experience / knows of any studies of visualisation / guided meditation that may help the drugs do what should be doing.

    Best wishes

  • spok
    That's good to know. Thanks guys.

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  • RJKD
    Those drugs will do the job no matter what you do. These drugs are powerful!!

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  • Davepet
    If you are getting 3xBEP, there are no weeks "off", you get one infusion of bleo every week of treatment for nine weeks. I'm guessing the break in the E&P is to allow recovery, but do not know for sure.These are powerful drugs, & certainly, they do not want to kill the patient with them.

    There is nothing you can do to "help" the drugs work. They just work & do so very well in almost every case, regardless of what you may or may not do. If you feel capable to exercise, it won;t hurt & may help you feel better, I didn't have the energy to do so & still got cured. Eat what sounds good to you.Trying to stick to any sort of diet is foolish during chemo. Many food you think you "should" eat won't go down, so eat what sounds good & deal with the results latter ( chocolate always sounded good to me ;o) ). Getting through nine weeks any way you can is the goal. The drugs will do their thing ( and take their toll) no matter what you do or do not do, so go with the flow as best you can. It will be over quicker than you think.

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