California Polytechnic State University is looking for cancer survivors who were diagnosed between the ages of 18-39 years old who live in California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, or Washington who would like to increase their physical activity levels. You must be more than 6 months post-cancer treatment and engage in less than 60 minutes of exercise per week!

All study participants will be a part of a 12-week intervention in which you will receive a Fitbit One with personalized step-goals, and weekly emails to help you track goals and tips for increasing activity. You will complete questionnaires and wear an activity monitor before and after the 12-week study. Some participants will have the opportunity to earn money if their daily step-goal is met, which will be donated to a cancer charity of their choice. In appreciation of your participation, you will get to keep your Fitbit One after the intervention is over and receive a $20 gift card.

If you are interested please contact our study staff (; 805-756-5544) or the principal investigator Sarah Keadle, PhD, MPH (

This information is also available on their website at:
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