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    I am new to this group unfortunately, had a orchiectomy a month ago. Since then I've been reading about TC trying to figure out what have caused it ( didn't have undescended testicles or history of TC in a family). What is interesting is that is a strong correlation between dairy products consumption and TC incidence rate. Highest incidence rate is among Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. On the other hand East Asia and Africa are quite low. Immigrants to Scandinavian countries have much higher rate of TC than people from the countries they were born in. So diet plays a big role, I believe. Mostly cow milk and cow cheese. Maybe milk chocolate. For example, in Greece they consume a lot of milk and cheese but from goats which have a much smaller estrogen level than milk from cows. That is the reason why incidence rate in Greece is much smaller. Same goes with Spain and Portugal.
    And my own case proves it. My mother drank a lot of milk during life including pregnancy, I ate a lot of cheese and chocolate.
    A lot of studies were made over the last two or 3 decades that have emphasized this correlation but it still not fully acknowledged by medical profession. So what do you think?

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    I think there is no real evidence implicating dairy or any other food to TC & I doubt there will ever be a "cause" of any type found, Even with lung cancer all they say is smoking increases the odds, they don't say it causes it since there are many smokers who never get cancer.
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