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    My blog --
    6/2010: Lump Found, US, Lefty's Gone, Pure Seminoma, Signs of Vascular Invasion
    7/2010: Single Big Carboplatin
    6/2011: CT shows Cancerous Node in Lower Left Abdomen
    7/2011: 5 weeks of Radiation in Abdomen
    2/2012: CT shows Mass in Left Flank (lower back)
    2/2012: Biopsey Confirms Cancer
    2/2012: Fly to IN, Consult with Einhorn
    2/2012: Start 3XBEP
    4/2012: Finish Chemo
    6/2012: CT All Clear
    7/2013: CT, 1 Year, All Clear

    Cancer Blog --


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      Another blog

      Here is a blog that was put up when I was going through treatment (mostly written by my wife but she is much more articulate than I am). My situation was 100% EC, Left I/O, 3xBEP. While I was diagnosed and going through treatment, my wife was pregnant with our first child so the blog does include our experiences in both areas. Not sure if it is worth sharing but if at least one person finds some info or comfort from it, then so be it.

      6/28/12 - Diagnosed
      7/3/12 - Left I/O
      7/10/12 - 100% EC Stage IIa
      7/31/12 - 3xBEP Begin
      10/9/12 - All Clear


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        Wesley's Blog - A very COMPLICATED case

        Here is the link to my brother's story... It's a very diluted and compressed one... just to give you a sense of where we are now.

        Basically he has had an orchiectomy, 4 X BEP, RPLND, 5 X TIP and another RPLND. All in the space of 10 months.... and still battling the disease****-CANCER

        x Ainsleigh
        Brother Wes:

        Dec '10: Orchiectomy: Diagnosis: Torsion.

        Oct '12: Stage 3 Non-Seminoma (AFP 35,000) 22cm mass (retroperitoneum + lung)

        Nov '12: 4 x BEP (AFP 277) Lungs clear.

        Feb '13: PC-RPLND. Most of mass in retroperitoneum removed. Some teratoma unresected due to vessel involvement. IVC nicked: bleed-out + metastasis to liver. (AFP 18,000) Para-neoplastic Limbic Encephalitis.

        Mar '13: 5 x TIP (AFP 30) Liver clear + PLE gone.

        Jul '13: 2nd PC-RPLND (Surgery unsuccessful + leftover teratoma deemed INOPERABLE)

        Aug '13: (AFP 150) New surgeon willing to operate next week!


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          Another Blog

          Hey Nick--

          I'd like to submit my blog to your roll. It's called "Queasy Writer," and it's at

          I survived a germ cell tumor back in 2003, and after ten cancer-free years, I now have testicular cancer (it's not a recurrence; the cells are different).

          Let me know if you need any other information.
          Rocco Versaci
          San Diego, CA

          Elev. HCG
          Ultrasound clear
          CT chest, abdomen, pelvis conf. retroperitoneal mass
          Biopsy choriocarcinoma
          BEP x 3
          No RPLND
          Blood, CTs, PET - All clear for 10 years

          10/11 - Elev. HCG, AFP
          10/17 - CT chest, abdomen, pelvis conf. retroperitoneal mass
          10/24 - Ultrasound conf. testicular mass
          10/28 - Right I/O
          Biopsies show terratoma (testicle), embryonal (retroperitoneal)
          11/11 - Begin EP x 4


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            Hey Everyone,

            Here is my blog about fitness after testicular cancer. Trying to build a six pack around a RPLND scar.

            Thanks Dave


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              Hi SPS, I'm glad to see another enthusiastic fitness fan around here. Very nice blog. I'm in the quite similar situation. Although I've build-up my 6 pack prior TC diagnosis and lost it after treatment (3x BEP) and never had RPLND. Now I'm getting back into shape (almost there ) Remember, the only way how to get 6 pack is through "fork and knife". Exercising is important, but balanced nutrition is essential (unless you are less than 20). Here is my topic dedicated to fitness after TC:


              Good luck!
              07 Aug 2014 - USG showed 5mm mass, bHCG: 6,45 AFP: 4,58
              08 Aug 2014 - left I/O surgery - NSGCT (70% Mature Teratoma, 30% Embryonal Carcinoma), pT1N0M0, no LVI invasion
              22 Aug 2014 - Markers after I/O: bHCG: 0,05 AFP: 3,40 - CT scan negative
              --- on surveillance ---

              20 Oct 2014 - bHCG: 30 AFP: 8
              04 Nov 2014 -bHCG: 270 (!) AFP: 26, CT shown 2,5 x 1,5 cm para-aortic lymph node
              --- recurrence confirmed ---
              12 Nov 2014 - MRI of brain - clear, re-staged to IIB,
              3x BEP started, changed to 4x BEP
              08 Jan 2015 3x BEP finished (bHCG: <0,1 AFP: 4,88), 4th cycle cancelled
              21 Jan 2015 CT scan clear - para-aortic lymph node shrunk to 0,6 x 0,4 cm

              --- on surveillance ---
              [2015 - all clear]
              [July 2016 bHCG:<0,1 AFP:3,24, MRI scan clear]


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                Hi Nick,
                I'm pretty new here, and new to orchid tumors, and I've maintained a blog for a long while now, started out as a travelogue, then a rambling discussion of queer health, epidemiology, teaching. Now it's transitioning to more posts about my journey through the tumor experience, with a mix of earlier topics as well.

       : I'm Bill. These are my observations on queer health, and other things I care about for one reason or another. Tuna was my adorable dog, a companion of 16 years.
                Painless lump 5/18/2017
                Orchidectomy June 2017 (4.5cm, rete testis involvement)
                Chemo Summer 2017 (2x7AUC carboplatin)
                No evidence of relapse since, but plenty of anxiety about it.

                I'm also an epidemiologist, and a professor at a medical school (with NO training in oncology), oh, and gay, too.