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Introducing myself.

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  • Introducing myself.

    I was diagnosed with Stage II nonseminoma in February 2015. I was having dull abdominal pain that was persistent. Tumor was found via ultra sound during an ER visit. I had an orchiectomy and port placement in March. Did 4xEP from March-June 2015. Had my port removed in July. Everything was all good until October 2016 when my lymph nodes started to grow. Dr. Foster did my RPLND at IU 3 weeks ago. I follow up with my oncologist in St. Louis next month.

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry you needed to find us, but glad you did. How did your post-chemo CT scans look?

    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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      Sounds alot like my story, except my TC was discovered June 2015, I did 4xEP starting July, and then and an RPLND with Foster 4/20/2016 for terratoma. I will have my next set of scans in January.
      6/5/15: bHCG 27,AFP 8.66, LDH 361, 5.6cm lymph node - Stage IIC
      6/16/15: Left I/O 85% EC, 10% chorio, 5% yolk sac opinion 2 (mayo) 90% EC, 10% yolk sac
      7/7/15: bHCG 56, AFP 42, LDH 322
      7/13/15: begin 4xEP, end 9/18/15
      10/1/15: bloodwork normal, ct scan shows 2 lymph nodes 1.0cm
      10/26/15: 2nd opinion on CT results - lymph nodes normal. Surveillance!
      4/6/16: 1.7cm X 1.5cm lymph node found with markers normal.
      4/20/16: RPLND @ IU - teratoma only!
      9/27/18: all clears up to this date!



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