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The "I am not feeling my testicles for another 30 days challenge"

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  • The "I am not feeling my testicles for another 30 days challenge"

    Dear readers,

    A couple of you might read a couple of posts due to my Hypochondria.
    First it were a couple of moles, then my bowel and now my testicles.

    I am checking on them boys everyday in the shower, and sometimes during the day.
    My frequency went down already went from almost every 10 minutes to 1-2 times per day. I am doing it gentle now and mostly checking for the "squishy ness" and size.

    I just checked them, and seem all ok. They have a slight "squish" and are not rock hard.
    Therefore I want to leave them alone for the next 30 days. This to keep my objectivity about how my testicles feels, and try to get rid of my anxiety.

    There are more people what I read who have this problem, so I hope some people want to try this with me.
    I'll post some updates how it goes. Going to be a though ride.
    I am visiting the psychologist as fast as possible in January. They didn't have time for my in december so can't wait to start.

    The date for the next testicular self-exam will be: 23st of January.

    Though others here have the actual problem, and I hope and pray I will never get it (TC), anxiety disorders are a *****.
    I want to do this challenge to start living again after being two years in fear of having cancer. (First my suspicion was legit, and went to the oncologist. This caused the anxiety disorder). It is time to start living again and think about the future! The only positive thing I kept from it is that I don't smoke tobacco or weed anymore (which is legal in the Netherlands, haha), never ever. Start living more healthy, more exercise, less stress and more fun.
    I cannot prevent it by checking daily.

    Wish me luck.
    Mark from the lovely Netherlands.

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    I haven't felt mine for 7 years (sorry, I couldn't resist).

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      I've been a bit paranoid about getting some horrible disease - no better way to clear your mind than going to the doctors and getting yourself checked!

      Most cases it will be nothing - or you'll pick up a problem early on.

      I'm glad I didn't wait or think when I found the lump on my testicle, the doctor will do it for you.

      Once you do that, you will put your mind at ease!
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