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I Have Cancer. You Have Cancer. We all Have Cancer.

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  • I Have Cancer. You Have Cancer. We all Have Cancer.

    "I have cancer. I am a 25 year old male with Type 1B Nonseminoma Testicular Cancer. An aggressive form that has begun to spread beyond its tumor to the vessels that lead to my lymph nodes which can then metastasize to larger organs of my body. As an individual who encompasses nutrition and fitness routinely in his life, is a professional athlete, and manages the nutrition of numerous clients on a weekly basis for a profession, the news of this shook my foundation. The age old question, “why me?” began to slither its way in the back of my mind."

    This is an excerpt from my blog that I wrote when in the midst of battling cancer with chemotherapy. I wrote this to serve as motivation for those who have cancer, but for those who also are suffering from depression. I would love for you all to take a read of the full blog as I have had hundreds reach out to me telling me it has helped them in some way.

    Keep fighting! is a social network designed to allow consumers and providers the ability to manage their relationships more effectively in order to provide a higher quality, and a more personal healthcare experience.

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    Sorry to welcome you to the club. I was asking myself the same question... I am active athlete as well. Using regular supplements prior to my diagnosis (protein, creatine, BCAAs...). What type of TC do you have?
    07 Aug 2014 - USG showed 5mm mass, bHCG: 6,45 AFP: 4,58
    08 Aug 2014 - left I/O surgery - NSGCT (70% Mature Teratoma, 30% Embryonal Carcinoma), pT1N0M0, no LVI invasion
    22 Aug 2014 - Markers after I/O: bHCG: 0,05 AFP: 3,40 - CT scan negative
    --- on surveillance ---

    20 Oct 2014 - bHCG: 30 AFP: 8
    04 Nov 2014 -bHCG: 270 (!) AFP: 26, CT shown 2,5 x 1,5 cm para-aortic lymph node
    --- recurrence confirmed ---
    12 Nov 2014 - MRI of brain - clear, re-staged to IIB,
    3x BEP started, changed to 4x BEP
    08 Jan 2015 3x BEP finished (bHCG: <0,1 AFP: 4,88), 4th cycle cancelled
    21 Jan 2015 CT scan clear - para-aortic lymph node shrunk to 0,6 x 0,4 cm

    --- on surveillance ---
    [2015 - all clear]
    [July 2016 bHCG:<0,1 AFP:3,24, MRI scan clear]


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      I am reasonably convinced at this point that we are born with a tendency to TC & nothing we do has any effect on whether we get it or not. A healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle seems to not matter.

      You get it if you were meant to & you don't if you weren't. Just my take on the subject. If it happens to you, don't waste time on the "why me?" question, just do what needs to be done to survive & live the rest of your (somewhat altered) life. That is how I moved on....twice.

      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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        good opinion and advice Dave
        11.2009 (age 29)carcinoma embryonale testis,op left side(orchiectomy),600 AFP, 90 bHCG(after op still high) ,CT chest and abdomen clear
        12.2009 - 2.2010 3xBEP + bleomicin
        going on controls every 4 month,all clear