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    I am OCDreamer and I am currently a 24-year-old university student from Orange County, California. Anyway, while I don't have testicular cancer, I was told that I am still welcome here due to my interest in orchiectomy. Indeed, my interest in orchiectomy stems from an extreme hostility towards the current child support laws (both due to their extremeness and due to their inconsistency in actually caring for the best interests of children!); to elaborate on this, if I cannot get my entire reproductive tubing (entire epididymis plus entire vas deferens surgically removed; after all, vasectomies can and sometimes do fail and vasectomy failure certainly isn't an acceptable excuse to avoid paying child support afterwards), I will certainly be compelled to get an orchiectomy--in a "back-alley" if necessary!

    Anyway, I was wondering--exactly which surgery is worse, in your honest opinion: a total removal of the entire epididymis plus entire vas deferens (if such surgery is actually possible, that is) or an orchiectomy? Completely serious question, for the record.

    Also, before I forget, I would like to say thank you for approving my account here; indeed, I will be careful in regards to my posting here given that the main subject of this forum--specifically testicular cancer--doesn't personally apply to me. However, I will still try to contribute here whenever and wherever I can!

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