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Is clear semen a worry?

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  • Is clear semen a worry?

    I registered here some years back when I was diagnosed with stage 1 pure seminoma. I had 1 round of carboplatin and the offended testicle removed. So far all good.

    I have these anxiety moments where I will be convinced something is wrong with me. For example, I injured my back a few months ago doing exercise. I was convinced it was a tumour. It healed up, and all was well. Same happens with the flu. It could be anything that sparks anxiety.

    This morning I masturbated at around 6am. And then again at about 1pm. I didn't notice the semen the first time, but the second time it was mostly clear and sticky. Instantly I jump to "omg cancer is back".

    I always check the remaining testicle. It's as soft as a boiled egg. Very squishy. Nothing like the cancerous one which was as hard as a rock. There's no lumps, bumps or pain.

    I am probably being irrational, but I wanted to know is clear semen a "symptom" of testicle Cancer?

    I'm almost 4 years clear. But I lost my Dad in January to stage 4 bladder cancer reoccurrence so I'm constantly thinking about Cancer.

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    I can't recall hearing anything about clear semen & TC.

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      "This morning I masturbated at around 6am. And then again at about 1pm."

      Trying holding off for a few days - you should find it normal looking. At least my experience - sometimes - with multiple rounds in day or every day it changes consistency and appearance.. Also I assume you had your sperm counts done and stored some for possible children later ? (or maybe not). Also you have full hormone tests ?
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