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Recently diagnosed Leydig Cell Tumor

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  • Recently diagnosed Leydig Cell Tumor

    I am 34. About two months ago I had an orchiectomy on my right testical. The original pathology report diagnosed my tumor as a 9mm seminoma. About a week later the final pathology report had a change - the final pathology report classified it has an Adrenal Rest - which is not cancer.

    I was surprised by such a significant change from the original to the final report. After doing some research and realizing how rare testicular cancer is I decided to get a second opinion at the University of Indiana. (I went to IU after reading about their extensive experience in treating testicular cancer. )I received their pathology report about a week and a half ago - they diagnosed it as a Leydig Cell Tumor which is most likely benign. They classified it has most likely benign because I do not have any of the risk factors they look at for malignant tumors.

    My Dr. says there is a 98-99% chance the tumor is benign and it will not spread. However, I am still leaning towards having RPLND surgery in a couple of weeks. Even though the %'s are in my favor - the information out there about this tumor is very limited since it is very rare. If it spreads while under surveillance my Dr. believes chances for survival are only 50%.

    I am wondering if there is anyone reading this that has been diagnosed with a Leydig Cell Tumor - and how they handled their treatment.

    Also - does anyone know of any studies done on this type of tumor - I have found a few - but there are not many out there and the studies I have found seem to be dated.

    Thanks for your input!!!!

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    Hi Leydig

    Sorry to welcome you to the board that no one ever thought they'd be a part of. Leydig cell tumors make up approximately 5% of testicular cancers. They are responsible for making testosterone. the other 95% of TC is related to the germ cell tumors which make sperm. I think you did the right thing by going to IU. Good luck with the RPLND if you decide to go for it. Let us know hot it goes.



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      With a 98% chance of already being cured, I think you might want to consider that the risks of complications from a RPLND may actually be higher than your risk of problems from the original tumor.

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