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  • Remove or keep testicles

    My son is 37 years old. In Jan he was diagnosed with extragonadal germ cell tumors in his abdomen and chest. There was no cancer in the testicles The Dr said he thinks it may have started there and died off since the ultrasound shows calcification in both testicles. He has undergone the 4 rounds of chemo that is protocol and the tumors have continued to shrink. The last MRI shows the abdomen tumor has shrunk by almost 75%. He has surgery scheduled in 2 weeks to remove that tumor. The lungs will be done in a second surgery. He is meeting with his surgeon later this week to discuss the surgery. They are recommending removal of both testicles. Of course we have concerns about that and since there is no cancer there I'm not sure it is necessary. They are saying that calcification is a precursor to cancer and it could return if they are not removed. As anyone who had no cancer showing in the testicles not had them removed?

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    What does your son think?

    Being without testicles is not the end of the world, especially if you don't plan to ever father more/any children. Hormone replacement can take care of any hormonal issues. Extragonadal tumors are already tricky to treat. I would perhaps contact some TC experts in this scenario, as it is not a common one.
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      Cancer attacked my healthy one many years ago. The remaining was non functional and shown to have minor calcification. I had to take testosterone and was shown to be sterile (Nice double whammy with the cancer diagnosis ). MANY MANY years later it (the non functional slightly calcified one) got more degenerated and developed cancer and was removed. So I guess I am an exampled of this prediction - but it took a long time to develop cancer. Has your son had sperm tests, and testosterone tests ? Is he producing any ? If they are "Dead" them removed. Get implants to restore appearance.
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        No there has been no testing for any levels. There was only an ultrasound done. He is meeting the surgeon tomorrow and would like to keep one but on the other hand he doesn't want to go through this again. It is difficult to know what to do when nothing is being explained that well. Thank you both for your input


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          Email Dr E & get his thoughts, since your docs aren't very helpful. Even on this forum, we have only seen a few cases of extra-gonadal tumors so afraid this is pretty rare & you should get an expert's opinion before making decisions.

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            It may be worth asking for a repeat scrotal ultrasound and have the results reviewed by Dr. Einhorn as mentioned. There is the possibility of a burnt-out tumor in the testis but for there to be one in both testicles at the same time to me would be freakishly rare. Calcifications on their own do not necessarily lead to cancer in the future although it is possible. I would want to know the extent of the calcifications as they are not really considered a precursor to testis cancer but I have no idea how extensive they are, etc.

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