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    Hi i am glad i have found this forum as it has been a great source of info.

    Ok this is me. I am 43 live in the UK and found a lump on my left nut.
    I saw my GP who arranged an ultrasound which came back as inconclusive.
    Saw a Consultant Urologist who was concerned and requested bloods. Had Blood test on last Friday; got a call yesterday for removal on this Friday.
    Spoke to my GP tonight who said kidneys, lft and white blood cells were fine; but there was an anomaly abd the need to test further for AFP and markers. This has all happened very fast abd i am kind of reeling from it.

    Any advice would be wonderful
    Thank you in advance

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    Well, believe me, very fast is better than slow. Waiting for information & treatment is often the worst part of a cancer Dx. It seems the uro tested for blood markers, since the decision to do the I/O came back after the blood test.Do you have the results of the blood tests?

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      If the ultrasound is inconclusive and blood tumor marker checks come back negative (HCG and AFP), then I wouldn't rush into testicle removal. You should have CT scans done as well. If all turn out negative, then why remove the testicle? What kind of "anomaly?" Get a second opinion by a known TC expert before doing anything, would be my advice. A lot of men can experience hormonal irregularity after testicle removal, which isn't the least bit fun to deal with, so if there's no compelling reason to remove a testicle, I wouldn't do it.
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        Ref the AFP it was high i was told today. I actually had the op today. I have a ct scan on 2/1/18 and another blood test on Thursday to see if there is any change in the AFP. Thanks for the advice.


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          Well please be sure to let us know when you get the pathology report.

          Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
          Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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            Hi i managed to find out my AFP level it was 16. Seems low compared to some levels i have seen reported.


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              Anything 10 or below is normal. Sixteen is raised, but barely. That kind of level could be caused by a number of other things. Is that 16 the post op figure or pre op?


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                A level of 16 isn't really bad at all. I am assuming that this is the pre-op level. The key is to see what the level does now. As long as it is not increasing then this is a good thing. While the level of 16 may be reported as high compared to your lab normal range, the team at Indiana University for example, considers anything less than 25 as normal, unless there are other signs of testicular cancer spread. Hopefully, follow up labs will help in giving perspective to what is going on. The CT results are going to be key at this point.

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                  Thanks guys 16 was pre op. Found out today post op its 9, i have got the CT next Tuesday.


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                    Hi Amboman,
                    Hope things are a bit clearer now that you've had some more tests and all, wishing you the best!
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