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New guy having I/O in 2 days

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    Hi Jim! Urgh indeed. Surgery is amazing, but also it sucks while getting through recovery. Good job catching yours early! Sounds like we're on a similar timeline, getting results on the same day. Thanks for your note! Hope you get some positive results!

    Thank you too Joe. Hoping for the best!
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      Well... As expected, it’s cancer. :-( Glad it’s out of me though! (Or at least the testicular part of it…)

      The pathology report says mixed germ cell, 40% embryonal carcinoma, 30% seminoma, 30% teratoma, with necrosis. There were two masses, one 2.5-ish cm, the other 1.5-ish cm. They found focal venous invasion (eesh, that sounds scary), and it also invaded the rete testis and hilar soft tissue, thus making this a pathologic stage pT2.

      The staging process continues. I’ll have CT & x-ray sometime in the next two days. At least those tests are easy. I’ll see the uro again on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll find nothing else and I’ll be just a stage 1B...

      BTW they weren't kidding when they said the pain meds give you constipation. Good grief. So glad that's over.


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        Good news. Not sure if im safe to get excited yet....please let me know if i can.....
        Doctor rang today with biopsy results pointing to Leydig tumor. I guess that means I'm in the clear? Further details when I see him in person. I think it will just be some follow up scans. No chemo required!


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          "No chemo required" sounds great! I've never heard of a Leydig tumor. Hope you have/had a good follow-up appt!


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            My CT and x-ray are clear! Woohoo!!

            Urologist says there's still a 50/50 chance something could crop up during surveillance, so next I'll meet with an oncologist and talk about whether or not to do a couple rounds of chemo to improve those odds.