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    Hello! First of all Il'd like to apologise for my bad english..
    Well, I had my i/o about 1,5 month ago and the healing is going fine. The boipsy showed classic seminoma, CT scans all clear, blood markets before and after the surgery clear. Oncologist suggested surveillance (blood tests every month and scans in future). I'm happy for avoiding chemo but I'm too nervous about the new me...I feel sad about getting that rare cancer and loosing my ball, although I had a prosthetic at the surgery isn't the same.... Time will heal? Who knows. For the moment I feel a little fatigued, and I think sperm production is lower than before. But my first concern is about how will this affect my sexual life.
    Well, will see..

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    I didn’t notice a difference in anything sexual really. Most don’t I think you will be good on that aspect. Time makes things easier just take it day by day.
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      Might be good idea to get your testosterone level checked,due to your fatigue. As long as that is OK, your sex life should be fine. Also, you can't possibly tell what your sperm production is, only a very small portion of what you ejaculate is sperm.
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        Maybe my low energy levels and the muscle weekness are coused due to a lack of iron. Last year I was getting an iron treatment and I had the same symptoms. It could be psychological or both. Anyhow, οn my next scheduled blood test I'm gonna check also my iron, testosterone and thyroid just to get a more complete picture.


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          Shouldn't have any affect on sex life, but....

          Swinging testosterone levels can definitely affect libido. My T-levels definitely swung around quite a bit my first few years after cancer, but eventually my body figured things out and levels stabilized.

          Psychological stress about cancer is "exhausting" physically and can affect you too.
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            Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you about my newly exams. Well,the blood tests where clear although AFP and bhcg is slightly eleveted but in normal levels. But the scan showed an enlarged lymph node 1.4cm near to the liver. My oncologist said via e-mail to call him in a few days. I'm worried. Could this mean that I will need eventually chemo? What guys do you think that caused that node enlargment? cancer or an inflammation due to prosthesis? I live in a nightmare... not only I cannot accept the fact of losing a testicle I have to face the possibility of a chemo treatment.
            ( I didn't check testosterone, iron, thyroid )


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              Well that is a bummer, South. I think the cutoff for pure seminoma is 2cm, but not certain, and your node is getting close to that. You might want to contact Dr Einhorn to see what he recommends at this point.

              Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
              Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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                Did the doctor mention which node that it was? At 1.4 cm it may be a bit inconclusive, especially if this is the first CT after the surgery and prothesis placement. It may be worth asking if the node was visible at all in the precious CT to try to judge the amount of growth over time and also see if it is reasonable to re-image it in 4-6 weeks if they are uncertain of the cause of the increase in size.

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                  Hello guys, thank you for the replies
                  I want to apologise for my poor translation of the final CT report... With a more attentive reading, it says '' Paraortic lymph nodes of short diameter mm. Very short hypodense lesion at the IV part of the liver. A nodul formation within at the right of the iliac vessels of short 1.4 diameter, likely due to an enlarged lymph node in the area. The wide of the abdominal aorta and the iliac arteries is normal''
                  So, I contact with dr Einhorn and he said ''description does not sound like cancer'' and he continued: '' generally speaking a right sided testis cancer, if it spreads, will appear as an enlarged lymph node in the middle of the abdomen between the 2 major blood vessels, the aorta and the inferior vena cava (IVC) and it is really not that close to the liver''
                  Also he added that the treatment for an abdominal enlarged node is RPLND or radiotherapy. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't send to him the entire CT scan just some snapshots.
                  Today I had an appointment with my oncologist. He told me that I need 3xBEP!. I asked him if that ''new found'' is a node and if it is a typical node that becomes larger when TC spreads, and he said that yes it is. It couldn't be something else and that I shouldn't waste any time. But I asked if we should schedule another CT scan in a month just to be sure since I don't think I risk too much, the scan isn't a mess plus it is seminoma. He said that a new scan in a month from now will show any big difference, it requires at least two months. I said ok then, two months and in the midtime I could order a new biopsy to make sure it isn't a mix tumor, and he said that seminoma and non seminoma spread the same(!) At the end I rejected the chemo treatment, for the moment, and he told me to come back in a month from now to get a new CT scan. I don't know what to say,
                  What do you guys think? What could this ''short hypodense lesion at the IV part of the liver'' caused it? It doesn't seem to me that is cancer, or at least I don't want to think about it. Could this be due to the prosthesis or my bad diet after my cancer? I stopped working out, eating healthy,I only eat junk food now (I know I'm depressed). Also I feel some ache, not all the time, somewhere between my spleen and the stomach but CT scan didn't show anything...


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                    Hello everyone. I have some good news. I don't have cancer! I had an appointment with a second oncologist and he recommended a PET/CT scan and it was clear! That ''found'' turned to be a swollen intestine, also the blood test was in normal ranges. I'm so happy


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                      Hello everyone. I have some good news. I don't have cancer! I had an appointment with a second oncologist and he recommended a PET/CT scan and it was clear! That ''found'' turned to be a swollen intestine, also the blood test was in normal ranges. I'm so happy