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    Hello! First of all Il'd like to apologise for my bad english..
    Well, I had my i/o about 1,5 month ago and the healing is going fine. The boipsy showed classic seminoma, CT scans all clear, blood markets before and after the surgery clear. Oncologist suggested surveillance (blood tests every month and scans in future). I'm happy for avoiding chemo but I'm too nervous about the new me...I feel sad about getting that rare cancer and loosing my ball, although I had a prosthetic at the surgery isn't the same.... Time will heal? Who knows. For the moment I feel a little fatigued, and I think sperm production is lower than before. But my first concern is about how will this affect my sexual life.
    Well, will see..

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    I didn’t notice a difference in anything sexual really. Most don’t I think you will be good on that aspect. Time makes things easier just take it day by day.
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      Might be good idea to get your testosterone level checked,due to your fatigue. As long as that is OK, your sex life should be fine. Also, you can't possibly tell what your sperm production is, only a very small portion of what you ejaculate is sperm.
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        Maybe my low energy levels and the muscle weekness are coused due to a lack of iron. Last year I was getting an iron treatment and I had the same symptoms. It could be psychological or both. Anyhow, οn my next scheduled blood test I'm gonna check also my iron, testosterone and thyroid just to get a more complete picture.


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          Shouldn't have any affect on sex life, but....

          Swinging testosterone levels can definitely affect libido. My T-levels definitely swung around quite a bit my first few years after cancer, but eventually my body figured things out and levels stabilized.

          Psychological stress about cancer is "exhausting" physically and can affect you too.
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