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Halfway through additional treatment!

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  • Halfway through additional treatment!

    Hi guys. I just joined this forum yesterday, though i have been lurking a bit and reading some of the posts over the last few weeks.

    I am 23, and just over a year ago I had a right orch. for a stage 1b pure seminoma. I had surveillance for just over a year and then they spotted a single enlarged lymph node so now I am more than halfway through 4 cycles of EP for a IIB pure seminoma tumor in the retroperitinal para aortic lymph node. The node was 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.1 cm right before I started treatment, which is about the size of a golf ball. The only elevated tumor marker was my LDH which was in the 270s. When I looked at my labs from the year of my surveillance I noticed that since the procedure the LDH had been rising each time I went in for bloodwork - and since I have started treatment my LDH has dropped to 160, which is a great sign that the treatment is effectively killing the cancer cells!

    Overall, I have been managing the treatment pretty well, being sure to get out on a walk every day, and my energy level is pretty high except on the days immediately following a cycle and then a week later when the WBC count goes down. But I wanted to join you all here in this community that supports one another, because its easy to feel like you're alone when going through something like this - and I know I am not. So, hello!

    Oh - and I am going into my third cycle of EP on Monday, it will be great to be 3/4 of the way through!
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    Hello phi, & welcome to the forum no one wants to join.

    LDH isn't really a cancer marker (it's a measure of inflammation anywhere in the body), but it's good to see it in a normal range.

    I'm curious about the frequency of your surveillance scans? That size of a tumor would normally have been detected much earlier than a year out ( & at a much smaller size).

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      Yes, it's true but I appreciate the welcome all the same.

      I had been having scans at three months and the last one that I had gotten was in September. From that point on I was on surveillance at every three months still, but for scans that was extended to every 6 months. So when I came back in December all they did was blood work.

      At my one year surveillance they did bloods and scans and that is when they detected the tumor. I imagine that means that in that time between the tumor began to grow.


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        I’m beginning my final cycle today and am obviously looking forward to being through with chemo. Can anyone let me know how they came into and out of their last cycle and into the post chemo process of living, excercising etc.? I’ve noticed I’ve had a little more need for rest coming out of cycle three than I had the previous two, probably a standard experience but overall I’ve been holding up pretty well. No weight fluctuation and a solid diet. what’s some advice to go through and end this cycle strong?



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