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Post TC- Monochrism and Varicocele

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  • Post TC- Monochrism and Varicocele

    Hi, apologies as I wasn't sure which category this post could go.

    I'm a survivor of TC of 30 years (yay!) Unfortunately though, I've developed a Varicocele in my one remaining testicle. My consultant doesn't want to consider operating on it because if there were any complications I could lose it. I don't like the sound of that either. So pain management is an only option at the moment.

    I've scoured the net for information and there's plenty about Varicoceles but not when you have only one testicle (Monochrism).

    So my question is, is there anyone in the same boat here? Does anyone know of any studies about Varicoceles with Monochrism

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    Congrats on being a 30 year survivor and sorry to hear that you are having issues with the varicocele. I'm not sure where you are being seen but I wonder if a consultation at a top urology site might be helpful. I am thinking Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, for example. I believe that they can try verve blocks if you are experiencing pain as well.

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      Hi Mike, thanks. My consultant will do the op if I insist but at the moment I want to step back and just learn more. If there were any complications I may lose the one and would require HRT. So I'm aware of the fixes they can do for a varicocele, although I'm wasn't aware of nerve blocks. I'm in the UK, so I need to do some research before going back if I want to do that.


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        bread, just wanted to say, losing #2 isn't the end of the world if it happens. While not what
        anyone wants, life goes on pretty much the same as before, you just need to take your meds , nothing much else really changes. I hope you don't end up there, but wanted you to know, it's easier than you think it would be if it has to happen.

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          I highly recommend you reach out to the PUR clinic via the internet being that your in the UK. Dr Purakatelli is one of the very best for urologist pain issues and fixes. He can do a video consult with you at the very least.
          I know that he also travels aboard to work his magic. I had really bad nerve damage and pain from all my surgeries and he knows what he is doing.
          If nothing else he can point you to the right person or direction.
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            Hello, thank you for the responses. I will keep searching and if the pain gets too bad I'll revisit options. At the moment, I'm having a good week and it's not too sore. Have been making changes to aid the varicocele.