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Coronavirus - and TC?!

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    From what I can see (in the news) the hospitals here are very busy, but not overwhelmed yet. I think the cancelling of cancer surveillance is to increase capacity for treating Covid-19 patients (doctors being reassigned etc.). But all this will likely get worse over the next weeks/months before it gets better.


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      I think cancelling surveillance is kinda stupid. TC is far more potentially deadly that COVID will ever be & TC is almost never deadly these days.I think the whole response is a bit overblown. This thing is like a bad cold/flu, not the plauge, were almost everyone dies. Most folks seem to recover OK. While I suspect many of us may get this, not many will die from it. Granted, JMHO.

      My opinion is that if you are in the first year or two post I/O insist on surveillance, past that you are likely OK & use your best judgement, but I would go.
      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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        I also saw the news about the 34 year old TC survivor who didn’t make it (thanks apple news) and immediately got super anxious and emailed Einhorn. It definitely freaked me out since I’m also 34. I haven’t had any lung issues that I’m aware of. I did notice them feeling a bit strange during the last round of BEPx3, but it quickly went away once I was done. Im one year post chemo at the end of April. Been running and exercising as much as before, if not more.

        At any rate, one of my questions was more geared toward “if I get this virus and end up needing a respirator or oxygen, is that ok?” Seems like the more recent consensus is that oxygen is ok for those of us who have had BEPx3. Dr Masterson at Indiana also put me on oxygen during my RPLND in Dec and said that he and Einhorn do not find any issues in those with BEP x 3. So, I guess that’s one more vote of confidence for our lungs being normal. Einhorn’s response here:

        Everyone has to be careful but you have no higher risk than anyone else your age. Avoiding crowds and social distancing still important. Finally no risk with prior bleo and the need of supplemental oxygen.

        Edit: apologies for the weird formatting stuff. Posted this from my iPhone
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          Hi folks. Just to reassure everyone, I contacted my oncologist regarding this and this was his response. For background; I completed one BEP cycle in July 2019.

          From my perspective, whilst social distancing is sensible for everyone at the moment I do not think you are at higher risk of severe infection compared to others. Your chemotherapy was some time ago and your immune system will have recovered to normal. You only received one cycle so the amount of bleomycin was small and we know your lung function is good. Yes, there is a small association between oxygen/ventilation and bleomycin but this is generally related to higher doses and interventions very close to the time of treatment. Overall I think you should be careful but would not expect any higher risks of problems