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Newly diagnosed and in treatment in Berlin

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  • Newly diagnosed and in treatment in Berlin

    Hi there, I’m George a 59 year old American with Stage 2 a seminoma in Berlin, Germany. I had surgery about a month ago and when some metastasised cancer cells were found in my lymph nodes in my peritoneum I was put on a 9-week chemo regimen. In Germany which appears to be different than the states, I am on 3 three-week cycles. The first week I am in hospital for 6 nights and hooked up to a drip all the time. The second and third weeks I just go outpatient once a week for Bleo. I get Cisplatin and Etoposid on the days I am in hospital, as well as Bleo on the first day. I am through the first week and first day of second week. The weekend after coming back from the hospital was a little rough. A lot of bloating and constipation and also started to feel a bit down, which is unusual as I’m usually pretty positive. My blood tests have all been good and I know we have a very high survival rate for this disease. Curious to meet/hear about others going similar therapy. Realising that I need to change diet to avoid salt at all costs for the bloating and other foods. Have done some short walks and a little yoga/stretching but found it challenging especially when bloated. Knock on wood feeling better today and hope these next two weeks out of hospital will help me regain strength. Thanks. George

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    Hi George

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you are having to deal with this nasty disease also. I have just finished my 9 week chemo on a similar regime to yourself. I'm from the UK.

    I blogged my chemo journey @ might be useful.

    I was lucky to have no sickness and not never required any anti sickness tablets. As far as bloating that was worst during the long weeks, i think the amount of fluid given plays a large part in that you definitely get used to lots of burping. I found peppermint tea a nice herbal solution to release the gasses when needed.

    Macrogol was my choice of stool softener for the constipation.

    The bleomycin only days don't appear to effect people as bad and the two weeks give you an opportunity to regain some strength before the next long week. Cisplatin I think is the nasty of the drugs which causes most problems and is cumulative in its effects meaning the symptoms seem to get worse the more of it you have. However the treatments are good and there's usually a solution and help available for any symptoms you suffer. First long week i didn't have any effects really but after second long week i started with teeth issues, Ears ringing was up and dow throughout but has stopped now with tiredness and sleeping a lot been my only issue now i have finished chemo.

    Best of luck with your treatment and stay strong it will be over before you know it

    peace and love



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      Hi Deekz,

      many thanks for this. Yes, feeling better this week and hope to regain my strength for the next hospital visit. Will read your blog now! Have had a little bit of occaisional ear ringing. Sound of the belnder mixing my smoothies can be trying One thing I noticed today is a little skin flush more than rash on my biceps, near the port and by my groin. Doesn't seem serious but will get it checked out when i go for blood test tomorrow.

      German hospital system is great although foods they serve are worst for our needs. Will see what i can change next go around. Good news is that healthy delivery also available.

      And yes, trying to remember this is a time-bound intervention. It will only make us stronger.