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  • New club member!

    Hi, my name is Adam from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I’d like to start out by saying thank you to everyone. The admin, the community, everyone. Your dedication and contributions are greatly appreciated. This website has been an especially valuable resource for myself and I’m sure it is for anyone who thinks they may have or has just been diagnosed with testis cancer.

    I’d like to share my “story” because each man’s situation is slightly different and I feel that every experience lends valuable information to anyone who may need it. That said, any feedback is really appreciated.

    My “story” started 3 years ago give or take when I thought I had felt a pea sized lump on the outside of my right testicle. Anxiety set in and I went straight to my then family doctor. He had given me the wonderful banana flavoured medicine whenever I had a cold or flu as a youngster, so needless to say I trusted him. He gave me a quick physical exam, and said he might feel something where I had indicated but it was “probably nothing.”
    I was (and still am) quite angry that he was was so dismissive. He didn’t order a blood test or ultrasound.

    I would routinely give myself self exams, and about 4 weeks ago I felt what I would describe as a marble within my right testicle. Contrary to the small lump on the outside I had initially felt. This time something inside just told me I “knew” what this was. Again, I immediately went to my (new) doctor, and after explaining my situation he ordered an urgent ultrasound.

    Around 2 days later I got a call from a local urologists office confirming my anxiety was justified. A day after that I had my appointment with the urologist who gave me a physical exam, said the US showed a neoplasm and the mass was “barely detectable.” He ordered blood work immediately and a day after that I had my results. My LDH was normal at 164, but my AFP and bHCG were elevated at 25 and 4 respectively. With the blood work confirming tumor markers elevated, my urologist booked an emergency surgery to preform my orchiectomy 2 days later. However, it was a childhood friends wedding that day, so the urologist agreed to preform the surgery the following Monday (3 days later).

    My anxiety levels were through the roof heading into the surgery as I had never had any kind of operation done before. It all went much better than I expected. The team at my local hospital and the urologist really were great, quelled my anxiety and before I knew it I was waking up groggy in the post anaesthesia care unit being offered water and a popsicle, feeling like I had been kicked in the groin.

    Recovery went well. I needed to use the prescribed pain killers (naproxen) for 2 days, but by day 3 I was much more mobile. As is to be expected, getting up from a sitting or lying position was difficult for around the first week, but by the end of week 2 I felt my only limitation was lifting or straining (Choking on soup and coughing was also extremely uncomfortable). The third week was a breeze and now in my fourth week post op, I’d say that I feel almost 100% back to normal.

    I had my post op CT scan done one week after surgery, which showed nothing of concern and no sign of metastatic disease, however I requested the images be reviewed by my oncologist as well. I’m still waiting for the results of the review.
    I also had post op blood work done about 10 days after my surgery and everything came back normal. (LDH 160, AFP 6, and HCG

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    Hi Adam

    Sad welcome to the forum sorry to hear yo got the bad news

    Sounds positive bloods been normal post OP, cross my fingers for you that the surgery got it all and that's the end.

    Glad to hear your recovery is going well also.

    Anxiety sucks but plenty positive outcomes around here to keep the mind positive

    Keep us all posted and good luck




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      Despite the horrible treatment by your first physician, it sounds like it was caught early, which is good to hear. Hopefully, your oncologist will go over your options moving forward. Are you being seen at Princess Margaret by chance? The testicular cancer team there is awesome.

      Oct. 2005 felt lump but waited over 7 months.
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      For some reason I do not get notices of private messages on here so please feel free to email me directly at if you would like to chat privately so as to avoid any delays.


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        Thank you kindly dk, and you’re absolutely right. Many incredible stories, yours included!

        Thank you as well Mike, and indeed I am now in the care of Princess Margaret.

        Due to covid we’re doing phone or virtual appointments and the doctors have been great to answer all of my questions. They have recommended surveillance considering blood work was within normal range and initial ct scan review showed no signs of metastasis. I am going to have blood retested in two weeks.