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    Hello all!
    Been through 1 full week of BEP and one Monday of Bleo treatment. Have another bleo only this Monday.
    Then start long week again…

    Almost 1/3 of the way done!

    I could use some more tips on how to recover faster in between treatments.
    Constipation has been a issue. Taking two stool softeners a day now.
    I drink Water and Gatorade as much as I can drink daily. Eating when I can makes me feel a lot better.
    Im on Zoloft for my anxiety issues as of now. Plus Xanax as needed.
    Last Monday I passed out when they were checking my blood. Not sure if was a panic attack or I was just dehydrated. Blood pressure dropped to 75. They brought me back fast though
    With a smell and salt and then gave me IV.
    I keep having mild chest pain that comes and goes. Doesn’t feel like heart burn, sometimes it feels like pressure in my chest/ lung area. Couldn’t those be from the bleomycin? Or is this just my Anxiety?

    On a good note I still
    Have my hair and haven’t had much Nausea.

    Everyone is doing well and feeling well

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    Anxiety can certainly be a challenge but I would be sure to mention the chest issue. There can also be issues with blood clots and pulmonary embolisms so I would want to make sure my treatment team is aware of things. It also could be heartburn so perhaps talking to them about medicating for that may resolve things as well.

    Keep on keeping on!!

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      I agree w/ Mike. Would add that recovery between treatments is very individual, & not much you can do to speed it up .I found the effects to be a bit more difficult with each cycle. Fatigue was my biggest problem. My nausea was well controlled by the meds. You should expect some hair loss pretty soon, I recall between bleo 2 & 3.
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