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1 year in remission, now growth in nipple again!

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  • 1 year in remission, now growth in nipple again!

    Just over a year ago I got the all clear from TC. I underwent an orchiectomy of the left testicle & 3X BEP chemotherapy.

    I had all of the usual symptoms before I was diagnosed, lower back and abdomen pain, ache and eventually a lump in the testicle. But also, a lump behind my left nipple, roughly the size of a pea and quite tender to touch.

    I've been feeling fine recently, but skipped my last check-up due to living overseas (stupid)! The lump in the same nipple has reoccured in the last week, exactly the same feeling/size etc. None of the other symptoms, but I just need to know has anybody else had the same thing occur, and was it TCX2?
    I'm booked in to see my doctor next week, back home, but would love a head's up as to wether or not this might be happening again..

    Thank you,


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    Hey Jon, I know all about the troubles of arranging care while moving countries, a PITA.

    But as far as this lump goes, do you know for sure it is related? I remember during my adolescence I used to get painful lumps behind the nipple that would come and go. Haven't had them in over a decade now but I did used to. Maybe its a hormonal thing?

    Best to be sure, as you are doing. What kind of tumours did you have by the way? Some are more likely to turn up in odds places and some are unlikely to do so.
    100% classical seminoma (I-A, RTI). Surveillance (no adjuvant therapy). 4 years all-clear and hoping for many more.


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      Thank you mate,
      I have heard that they can be related to Hormonal changes, but also that hormonal changes can obviously be linked to TC. Might not be related at all, but I do remember it first popping up about a month before I was diagnosed the first time.

      I had a stage 2 non-seminoma tumour, quite aggressive but detected early enough. Believe that can be pretty aggressive with metastasis too??

      Will keep you posted,
      Jon (24 yrs)


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        You have likely something called gynecomastia.(
        Testicular tumors can secrete the hormone estradiol, which causes such growths (which are not themselves cancerous).
        But in most cases, they are related to male/ female sex hormone imbalance, rather than a tumor.
        I suppose that post-IO, such an imbalance can develop, and this might be the reason for your problem. On the other hand, a second tumor can, as far as I can see, not be excluded.
        I'm not a doctor, but I'd suggest you raise the issue with one soon. Other members, I'm sure, will weigh in on this. I also think there might be other threads related to this issue.


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          Roughly 3 months ago, I suddenly developed a small lump on my right nipple, as painful to the touch, I got alarmed but tried to ignore it since my last blood tests were clear a week ago, then I examinated it again the following week because my breast aching and I had a lot of small pea size lumps now, then I went into a major panic this time because I remember when I was diagnosed, my cue since I barely had any TC symphtoms (no pain, no aches, no back pain) just a hardened testicle and few weeks later 2 incredibly painful lumps appeared on both breasts, so I went to my oncologist and told me not to worry about it (easier said than done) as it can happen to some people.

          The small lumps appeared on my left one, while my right breast lumps turned into a larger lump that was no longer painful, and what I found weird is that it felt ring shaped around the nipple, next month I had hard tissue on both breasts no longer lumpy, went alarmed to my oncologist again, and she said it was normal and it's called gynecomastia, that this usually happens when people are lacking both testicles and rarely when you have one left, she sent me to a endocrinologist, my T levels were low, but not that low, and both oncologist and endocrinologist said they recomended to give it some time to see if it normalized and in fact, right now the hard breast tissue seems to be less now, it's no longer hard and it's softer now, they are no longer tender or painful since a month ago.

          But don't skip your controls and definetly tell your oncologist about this, we are all different, so I'm just telling you my experience so you know it can be something not to get alarmed, be sure to tell this to your oncologist to be sure.
          Jan 11/2011 - left orchiectomy
          Biopsy 100% Embryonal Carcinoma
          CT Shows spread to two lynph nodes largest 5.9cm
          Jan 19/2011 Tumoral Markers lowered to almost normal levels but still high
          Staring BEPx3 on FEB 21/2011
          CT scan 5.9cm mass > 1.9cm Markers Normal
          RPLND June 30/2011 Pathologhy reports: necrotic tissue


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            Sorry to jump in on this thread but I'm wondering if this is what my husband is dealing with.
            Last year right around this time he had his second battle with TC. Lost his remaining testicle and they took out ALL the lymph nodes in his abdomen.

            He's been feeling really crappy lately and said his nipples feel sore. He's seeing his oncologist tomorrow (hasn't missed any appointments this year, and he's been all clear). He's terrified that he has cancer again, but I keep trying to figure out how he possibly could!

            I tried to get him to see an endocrinologist about 6 months ago, but his oncologist kind of poo pooed the idea. Could it be that his T levels are off and that's what is making him feel so awful and making his nipples sore??

            God I really hope so.

            My heart is just breaking for him.


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              He needs to have his T tested for sure. That was one of the symptoms my husband had of low T - sore nipples.

              Husband - age 51
              10/20/10 - Primary mediastinal seminoma - 10 x 9.3 cm; -HCG = 33 (<2.6); AFP = 3.5 (<9); LDH = 274 (100-200 )
              11/1/10 4X BEP
              12/7/10 End Cycle 2 - -HCG = 2; AFP = 4.6; LDH = 139 ; 4XBEP changed to 3 as tumor now 2.1 x 3.7 cm
              2/15/11 - Post-chemo PET ; residual 8 mm x 2 cm
              6/29/11 - Lung nodules stable or smaller, chest mass continues to shrink & markers all normal
              Surveillance since 6/11


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                I have had both my Testis removes as well, so far have not noticed any difference in homo yet, but I guess it's just a matter of time.


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                  Simple gynaecomastia, either unilateral or bilateral is very common and often presents with prominent breast tissue in the retroareolar region.
                  It may be painful and usually settles, much like that in adolescence.
                  Getting your hormone levels checked is a good idea and if it persists, referral to your local breast symptomatic service could be considered.
                  All the best.


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                    I have had both conditions. Actually chest/breast issues is what lead me to diagnosis the first TC.

                    Testosterone is one measure, free testosterone another - but when it comes to gynecomastia - you need to get your E2 (estradiol) measured.

                    Fortunately if the gynecomastia gets bothersome - surgery from specialists can take care of it, provided you have your T and E2 under control before hand.
                    "More human than human is our motto...."


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                      Hi Jon - Ever get any results from your doc about the soreness and lumps? Thanks
                      3/2016 -3cm lump-Left I/O performed -Pathology EC with some potential YS - Markers - AFP 42 & BHCG 37 - 2 enlarged lymphnodes
                      4/20/16 - Met with Dr. Vaughn at UPenn. "Good Risk" Stage II
                      4/18/16 - Started BEP X 3 - Markers normalized after 2nd round
                      6/17/16 finished BEP X 3
                      7/8/16 CT scan shows all lymph nodes shrunk below 1cm.. Surveillance!