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  • PSA elevated

    At 23 I had bilateral TC. First left, then RPLND, then right, then Chemo, B/V/C. All in a 3 month period. I am now 57 with an elevated PSA. MD removed me from my Androgel. Side effects barely manageable. I do not believe I will treat Prostate cancer. It has been a long 34 years.7 marriages, High highs and even lower lows. I lost my insurance due to an accident at work. I have been an RN for 40 years.Now a pauper. Would any of you consider this "suicide" on my part ?

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    Whoa. What a story! I can't imagine what you're going through, or offer much in the way of advice or support, but thanks for sharing, and best wishes for the future. I'd have hoped you'd have some fall-back options from the state to obtain treatment without insurance, but perhaps I'm just spoilt with how things work here in the UK. :-\

    ​- T
    30 Jul 14: Discovered lump
    31 Jul 14: GP referral to specialist
    4 Aug 14: Clinical diagnosis of tumour, blood samples taken, CT scans, USS (confirming ~2cm tumour)
    8 Aug 14: Left radical orchidectomy (plus test results back: CT normal, no mets; blood markers slightly elevated: AFP 14.16, HCG 4.9, LDH 149)
    29 Aug 14: Pathology results: Stage 1A Mixed Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumour (composition: Yolk-sac Tumour and Mature Teratoma)

    24 Sep 14: Started precautionary adjuvant 1xBEP
    23 Oct 14: All clear; on surveillance


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      Mate - so your PSA has gone up a bit? Have they gone any further than that and actually looked at the Prostrate? or have you actually been diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer?

      If this has not occurred I would be seeking to see a urologist and also get back on the Testosterone replacement.
      TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
      TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)


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        I'm a year younger then you and a 2xer (For a different problem / Mumps, Orchialgia - and no one probably cares) So... I was having a terrible time urinating (Taking a leak) and my GDoc / Urologist had me using catheters. Which is a whole different topic. Anyway - I pushed to see what it was I was dealing with because the assumption was that I have something else. BPH? Anyhow assumed to be non cancer and the solution was to rotorooter the urethera. Before that I pushed for a Biopsy and it was cancer. The choice then became Do nothing. *The doctor said if I was older he might suggest that as some prostate cancers are slow growing and I might die from something else. I asked what "He" personally thought of this idea and he wasn't too keen on it. Surgery - which means either a few smallish incisions and robotic surgery or regular Surgery with a large scar. The other alternative was radiation. #1 Wasn't considered. I saw my Pop die of Prostate cancer and it was a nightmare. I don't know what I think would be a better way to go but I can't think of much that could be worse. My older uncle died of Prostate cancer but didn't have contact with him during his ordeals. (Lived elsewhere) his younger brother (my other male uncle) was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and while I don't know the details (I'm told he is embarrassed) there is some form of castration involved. Chemical? Surgical? I don't know.

        Radiation was out from the start. I read a book by a Urologist who deals with prostate cancer and he was going to opt for that. In his book he gives you some ideas on how to choose and I decided if I wanted to have the best chance of getting rid of it the old school surgery with a guy who has done this procedure for 20 years was the way to go.
        No Cancer - zero PSA - I'm at the point where I'm cleared to restart Testosterone (Actually the doctors I dealt with all have different ideas on that but most said since I had a bilateral and make none its not any different from a guy with working testes.

        To your question. Let me blunt. Yes I think you could very well be pulling the plug on yourself. I think that option is a bad one. What country do you live in and how does healthcare insurance work there? I've been self employed and ACA "Aka Obama Care" as screwed up as it might be has allowed me to be insured. If I was low income there is a state program that does the same thing but at a lower cost. As I've been off Testosterone for over a year I can tell you that Depression (Real clinical kind) is often the result of not having any Testosterone so I would also talk to a doctor about that topic and if she/he agrees try some therapy and or meds so you can clearly decide if you want to really "kack" or not. Contact me directly (If thats possible on this system) and I'll be glad to go into more detail.