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TCx2 Sterilization Timeframe

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  • TCx2 Sterilization Timeframe

    Hi all, first I want to say thanks for all that have participated on these boards and have shared their stories and experiences. As I mentioned on another post I have been a lurker of this website for a couple of years, and I just recently went through my 2nd orchiectomy 2 weeks ago. As a testimonial to all the advice I have gleamed from this board I pushed hard to get my TRT lined up and ready to go the day after the surgery otherwise my doctors wanted me to wait a week for my T levels to drop to prove to our insurance it was medically necessary, which is just a ridiculous premise. So again thank you for saving me from unnecessary misery (especially Davepet & Kiwi).

    My question is around becoming sterile, in my case it is the opposite of what most are usually concerned with asking. My family is complete and I was actually going to have vasectomy later this year, however with the recent 2nd orchiectomy that problem has seemed to resolve itself....permanently. Now that the surgery is over, how long does it take to become sterile? I know with a vasectomy it can be weeks or months, but I am not sure in my situation if its the same or it is more immediate. Will be having a follow up appointment in a few days with the urologist, but thought I would ask if anyone on here had any ideas. Thanks!

    May 2013 - Left Orchiectomy - Stage pT1 Seminoma (2.3 cm)
    June 2013 - 1 Dose 1000mg of Carboplatin ---> Surveillance
    May 2015 - Right Orchiectomy - Stage pT1 Seminoma (2.2cm)
    TRT - Androgel 40.5mg 1.62%
    June 2015 - Surveillance

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    Mate - firstly the waiting for your testosterone to drop is simply well "stupid" this will give you more problems and you will need to then bump up the T to get to normal levels. Were do they thing the testosterone will come from! I would be chasing the Testosterone now Even if you have to pay for it for the first round!

    Vasectomy - yip you have the biggest Vasectomy, Between TC 1 and TC 2 I had one - but it was the same price as a normal one event though there was not the same amount of work. With a vasectomy seem to recall that it was around the 4 or 6 week mark when I had to complete a sample for analysis to confirm that there would be no swimmers, I would think that it would be around the same time period, but your urologist could let you know about this.

    Get onto that Testosterone before you start getting symptoms, have your levels been tested yet? I would suspect that they would already be low and check out the Low T symptoms? Check here I know that my T was low for some time leading into TC #2, the main one for me was the Night Sweats, and as I am on long term injections this can occasionally occur near to the end of the cycle.
    TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
    TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)