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Will the prosthetics lift when I flex my penis

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  • Will the prosthetics lift when I flex my penis

    I have another question guys ... I know the surgeon will be suturing the prosthetics in place Thursday, but what is the reason for this? Is it so that the prosthetics will lift naturally like my real testicles do now when I flex my penis, or is the suturing just to keep the prosthetics from rolling around freely? I hope you guys don't mind me getting into this, but last night I had the great gift of being able to pleasure myself and I noticed that my testicles raised at the moment of orgasm as it should be. But instead of being happy, I began to cry knowing that soon I would have 2 marbles that just hang there like a bag of rocks that just hang there for the rest of my life that do absolutely nothing. Are my emotions getting the best of me? I don't know if what I'm going through is normal or if my T-levels are all whacky.


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    Mate - sorry no more Penis and Testicle gymnastics! so you will not be able to move them by Thought!

    They are anchored so that they do not go upwards into the Abdomen, one odd thing is that on a very hot day you might notice that your scrotum will be extra relaxed but the boys will only reach say half way down. Bottom line they fill a space . Also the Testicle retraction on orgasm is normal, just that you more aware at the moment.

    Hope the upgrade goes ok but give it time they will take a while to relax and be comfortable - weeks if not months.
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      My advise is you are having surgery to correct a problem. Don't sweat the small stuff.
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        The only thing practically bothered me was my first replacement was hard and anchored to high. Slightly uncomfortable. That was almost 30 years ago. The one I got two years ago is amazingly life like and no bother to me. Honestly I don't know whats happening with them when I am erect - did not notice any change. I mean some guys here feel fine with no implants - I am not one.
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