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Partial Orchiectomy Next Week

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  • Partial Orchiectomy Next Week

    Hi All,

    In March 2015 I had a orchiectomy on my right testicle which came back as a pure seminoma. Since then I have been on surveillance and all has been well. I also have been taking testosterone as my remaining left did not produce enough and I had symptoms of low testosterone. My left testicle was undescended at birth and was brought down through a surgical procedure at age 3 so no surprise why my testosterone levels declined to about 300 after my surgery (650 prior to surgery).

    Fast forward to last month and on a routine scrotal ultrasound on my left testicle they have found a new finding, very small ill defined 2 x 4mm hypo echoic region. I have been given two options, 1) surveillance to see if the lesion grows and 2) Partial Orchiectomy from one of the top surgeons in this procedure.

    Anyone else have gone through a similar situation before? I was reading that the most common cancer in patients with history of undescended testis is a seminoma. The urologist thinks that this small lesion maybe benign and if it is cancer not anything aggressive. Again, post surgery I am not as concerned about the testosterone levels as I am already on a injections. Also I have banked sperm prior to my first surgery in 2015.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I would choose surveillance on this one myself, and if it grew I would do a full i/o. Especially if I wasnt concerned with fertility or testosterone...
    11/16- Pain/lump in R testicle 11/16- US finds multiple masses 11/16- Right I/O path multifocal largest nodule 2.1cm 100% EC with LVI/rete testis invasion. 12/16- Ct/markers normal stage 1b 12/16- Ct/markers normal 1/17- rplnd pN1 2 nodes 1.8/1.4 cm EC Stage IIA 2/20 ct/markers clear! 3/1/17 started androgel for low T 4/27/17 Relapsed. Multiple lymph nodes in mesentary and few nodes in retriperitoneum. Start 3x bep. Ct after 2nd cycle revealed all masses already resolved! Continue last cycle! 6/26/17 Finished 3x bep!


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      I made that procedure
      2011 radical orchiectomie right testis/ non seminoma
      2012 had 2 nodes left testis
      Made partial orchiectomie
      1st node seminoma
      2nd carcinoma in situ
      Finish treatments with radiotherapie/ 10 sessions right in restant testis
      Until today in vigillance