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experience with implant after not having a testicle for years?

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  • experience with implant after not having a testicle for years?

    I finally learned to post a topic today, so please forgive me for posting the same question somewhere else.

    The testicle was removed 6 years ago, and when I lost the second, I opted for implants in both. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with getting an implant after not having one for years? The area seemed to have closed, so the implant does not go down to its proper place, and instead causes pain and discomfort as it rides up.

    Not sure if the surgeon did a bad job? or if I should have it removed? or if anyone has been able to move it down?

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    Did you have swelling or any complications when they were added that caused them to move?

    Normally, they make a cut and sew the implant to the bottom of the scrotum. The doctor figures out the right spot by pushing from the outside with his finger. That spot is pushed to where the opening is. A stitch is made to hold the implant in place. Inside the scrotum, there is flexible tissue that can move around. He is not sewing it directly to the scrotum.

    I have two Coloplast implants. Most of the time, they feel OK, if my scrotum is not completely loose (like after a bath). If it's warm and the skin is totally soft, they feel fake.

    They should be a little softer. The saline-filled ones are not the best. Most of the world allows solid silicone implants except for the USA. It's very crazy since a company that makes them (in extra soft versions) is FDA approved for body implants that plastic surgeons use. I have a chin implant made by the same company. They cannot call them testicle implants and insurance will not cover them. But the material is FDA approved for body implants.

    Also, Coloplast are not large enough for many men.