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Worried 2nd timer

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  • Worried 2nd timer

    Hi All,

    I recently finished 3bep for a pure seminoma relapse in January (first DX in June 2018). It might have been relapse or misdiagnosed, but i went into regardless went into chemo as stage 2b seminoma.

    I got the scan results 2 weeks ago and was clear. I've been feeling a swollen on my right remaining testical the past week and some pain in my upper right leg/ groin pain when i push. Some might be mental, but the swollen / heavy feeling isnt and doesnt feel right.

    Ill see my primary care today and then urologist tomorrow. I've read the forum non stop looking at the 2X cases and seems though there are trends, a second test cancer can sometimes follow the first closely.

    I guess i'm looking for some answers about the odds and what to do. I feel very defeated after this all- i had just gotten back to work and was hoping to move on in a careful matter.

    I'm obviously hoping for the best, just looking for some reassurance. Is swollen feeling normal? My first was a clear mass, couldn't be confused with anything else. Is there anything else it could be?

    Regardless, i realize that i do need to seek some mental support as i go through all this- i just turned 30 and am struggling with this new normal and process.

    I've mentionned this and i know you guys know, but thank you for the group, the info here and the support is really something..

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    Possible but statistically highly unlikely. There are a TON much more common reasons to have a swollen testicle than a 2nd TC. Honestly I wouldn’t worry too much unless you can feel a mass.


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      Hey man,

      It's hard when you go through I/O and chemo and you become hyper aware of pain or ache in the other testicle.

      It gets to you!! There's no way around it...

      But chances are, this is something that is not related.

      I had epididymitis that came from infection in the other testicle and it was swollen and felt weird and I thought I was going crazy, but after the urologist checked it out and prescribed me some heavy duty antibiotics, it went away.

      Just get it checked out with your urologist!
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        Coupled with the groin pain, I'd be thinking more like a strain or injury in the area, actually. Have youdone anything out of the ordinary lately?
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          Hey all!! Thanks for the reply I was going crazy for a bit.

          Saw urologist and he also called out the epidimitis and a cyst.

          So that’s that for now but yes this new normal is def something I’ll have to adapt to....

          Thanks all


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            It is a bit of a process that many of us deal with to one degree or another.
            Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
            Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP