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The environmental CAUSE of testicular cancer??? Does this sound familiar?

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  • The environmental CAUSE of testicular cancer??? Does this sound familiar?

    I had both boys removed on the same day. I went through the 5 stages of depression...rather privately, I kept up with work. I thought I had it due maybe to an HPV infection. Both is like a 1 in 10M occurrence. This is not normal, it had to be an environmental factor...

    I read that EMF radiation causes cancer. EMF comes from microwaves, cell phones, wifi routers, baby monitors, and cell phone towers. But logically, to get cancer in both, I had to get a massive dose, much higher than the regular population. I bought an EMF monitor on amazon for $150. I went all across the apartment with this thing. Bedroom, all fine, kitchen fine. In the living room the thing went crazy. Everyday after work I spent 5 hours in my living room and most of the weekend. The living room had readings of 10mw/m2. Studies have shown that 1mw/m2 can cause cancer. The situation is, this cellphone tower was at the same height as my apartment and nothing in-between. I was getting the full force of this radiation, essentially frying my balls and not knowing it. This alone didn't cause it, I was going through a very stressful period of my life, my cortisol levels were probably sky high, not allowing my body to fight any infection.

    Does this sound like anyone else?
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    Afraid not. I had my first at age 20 & my second at age 55. Cell phones didn't even exist 35 years ago. I do not recall anyone mentioning cellphone towers near them when they got their 1st Dx, but I suppose it's not impossible. It seems more likely to be in your genes, since cell phones are everywhere & TC is still *extremely* rare....,
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      I agree cell phone towers are everywhere, but they usually have something between them, a wall, a tree etc. I had direct line of sight to one for practically 40 hours a week with nothing imbetween.
      lots of studies here: