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5 Years Cancer Free (June 2016)

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  • 5 Years Cancer Free (June 2016)

    Hey all,

    Well this is a long overdue post, but better late than never, and Happy Holidays to all.

    So, 5 years this year. I've written a bit.

    Five Years Ago Today... -
    Five Years and a Day Since Cancer -
    Five Years Cancer Free -

    As some of you know, I've been heavily involved with the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation non-profit since 2014. This has been my third year with them, and they're all truly wonderful and dedicated people. The founder's son, Jordan Jones, experienced a late-recurrence of his testicular cancer at the tail end of summer last year, 2015. He fought hard and saw a very good response from some of the treatments he received, but ultimately passed away on June 8th this year, right as I was going through my 5 year checks and managing to get fired by my oncologist at long last. To see the Jones family go through this has been heart-wrenching, and cast a bit of as shadow on my own milestone, but what do you do? You just keep on living your lives the best you possibly can.

    I flew out to Grand Junction, CO where TCAF is based twice this year, including for Jordan's Celebration of Life service on July 8th. I delivered the first eulogy at his services, which was a huge honor.

    Godspeed Jordan "Sunshine" Jones -
    Jordan Jones Legacy - A Survivor's Eulogy by Steve Pake -

    To make a long story short, for me, at 5 years out, I finally feel like this is all done and over with. I'm no longer worried, and I'm not afraid anymore, either. Not of cancer coming back, or another one developing. I've learned to live my life knowing that things like this can happen at any time, that we have no real control over such things, and live my life accordingly. Never waste a day or a moment, and never let an opportunity pass you by. I've lived a very full life in these past 5 years since cancer, despite how challenging they were, and it's given me the feeling of completeness. I know if something happens tomorrow, and it's going to be the end for me, that I've lived, really lived, and that helps me sleep at night.

    My family and I have been in the midst of a new chapter of our lives this year, so while I'm still writing and engaged with non-profit work, and still trying to stay as active as I can in support communities (mainly on FB these days), life moves on, new challenges will await you, and it's taken all that we've had to overcome what we've faced this year. Happy to still be here, happy to still be standing, and happy to have turned 39 years old this year. Next year, God willing, I'll hit the big 4-0 and won't even be a "young adult" anymore.

    That Moment When You Realize, Life Really Has Moved On After Cancer -

    I wrote that last one over a year ago actually, but it answers the question. How long does it take you go find a "new normal" after cancer? It doesn't do life after cancer justice. More like, how long does it take to get from cancer diagnosis, to completely overhauling your life, your beliefs, your philosophies, and how you live every minute of your day until you feel "okay" again despite a history of cancer in your life? For me, just about five years.

    So, end of the road, fired by my oncologist, but gonna keep on writing, and keep on supporting others as best I can.

    Good things coming on that. Working on a project or two at TCAF, and always have a bunch of blogs in the queue too. I have enough material on life after cancer, including PTSD and all sorts of other stuff to actually write a few memoirs or books now. It will happen. #goals

    I'm sorry that I haven't had much if any presence on this beloved forum this year. Just plain getting pulled in too many directions at the same time, but I'm ALWAYS around and willing to lend an ear. Hit the contact link on my website or reach out on social media, and we can chat anytime. Happy to.

    No matter where any of you are in this, keep your heads up, keep fighting, and if you're losing your mind in the years after, just know that you're not alone, and that everyone else has been there too. You're never alone, and never stop believing in yourself that you'll find a way to get past the challenges that you're facing today.

    Happy Holidays to all, and Happy 2017!
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