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12 years - all clear.

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  • 12 years - all clear.

    Well, I just wanted to drop by and share that I'm 12 years clean and sober. Okay, maybe not sober - but cancer free!

    I was diagnosed in 2007 - seminoma stage IA. The protocol was orchiectomy, then radiation. In 2008 they saw some swollen lymph nodes in my mediastinum and assumed it was recurrence. It ended up being nothing and going away on its own. But, that was a nightmare of several months and two surgical treatments for biopsies.

    This forum offered a ton of information, love and support - and I'll always appreciate it! There are some really smart (and much more knowledgeable and qualified than myself) people on here offering their support. What a wonderful resource.

    So, first - I no longer look like that 12 year old picture. I'm almost 41 now. I retired from the AIr Force in early 2018 and began working for Boeing. I never had any further health issues other than needing a gallbladder removed in 2015 (having a messed up gallbladder for two years was physically WAY worse than the cancer ever was to me --- except for the mental anguish). Honestly, I have not had a blood lab or CT scan since I don't know when - and have no plans to.

    I will try to be more involved in this forum -- although my experience is an old one...maybe I can provide some level of help and support to someone. But, life certainly goes on after this. I look back and it doesn't even seem real that I ever had to deal with the battle of testicular cancer.

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    I'll also add that a side effect that is just so much a part of my daily life is that I've been on TRT since then. I've always used the gel you rub on. Doc does bloodwork every 6 months and it's always on the lower side ...but using the gel I have no symptoms, I feel strong (ran several half-marathons, etc), I grow a manly beard, and I chop large loads of we've kept the regimen the same for some time. I say that (somewhat jokingly) to show that some of these things become your new "norm" and you don't even think about them.


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      Hey - congratulations on your life. You've accomplished alot and it's very inspiring. I am going to get my post chemo CT this tuesday and will be thinking of you! Best - Phil
      2/14/18 Right I/O - Pure Seminoma 1B
      3/6/19 - Scans showed one 4.7x4.3x3.1 para-aortic lymph node - Pure Seminoma IIB
      3/18/19 - 5/25/19- 4xEP
      6/18/19 - Post Chemo Scan: Remaining area now .8x.9cm everything looks good, slightly elevated LDH (248) probably having to do with working out too hard. Surveillance!