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HCG Fluctuation

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  • HCG Fluctuation

    My husband started stage 3a. Largest node being 1.6cm. 3xBEP January 6 through March 2. All clear March 7 minus 3 pulmonary embolisms- has been on Xarelto since. Blood work normal May 7. July 9 he went for his 4 month blood draw and LDH and AFP were normal actually lower than they were in May. HCG had risen from 1 in March and May to 7 on July 9. It is based on a 1-5 normal scale. Scan next day completely clear. I had him take a pregnancy test 5 days after this draw on Tuesday night and there wasn't even the faintest line. The box claims to sense 25hcg but being we have been getting IUIs I posted on my trying to conceive page and many people got a faint line around 10hcg on these exact tests confirmed with blood draw that day. He gets a redraw a week from today to see. Einhorn said it could be nothing or could be very early indication of relapse. I am so incredibly scared. If it goes up will they do RPLND before more chemo? We are terrified he will need chemo during this virus. I don't know what I am looking for in this post- just getting my thoughts out there as it is hard to function normally during this wait.

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    First of all congratulations on completion of chemo.
    I was personally 3a stage, largest node being 3.8cm in lungs.

    But before that
    1) what was the pathology , type?
    2) what were his hcg/afp/lhd readings before?

    I have had a panic when bhcg came in 11 for me after 9 month of chemo completion. Also a month ago they found a very small new nodule on my lung (never knew if was already there)
    Turned out nothing in next blood work , hcg < 0.1.
    Many of people would agree here that there were such small level fluctuations, which had them scared.

    It has been 1 year 11 months now, hcg fluctuates a bit sometimes < 5 though.

    7 seems very low.
    You can get the blood work done again in 2 weeks
    (Bhcg has half life of 2 days approximately)
    But that is really unnecessary if doctor did not say so.

    Good to know you mentioned Dr.Einhorn, i would rightly believe what he would have to say and follow what he says.

    I hope its nothing. All the best.
    painless lump rightside over 5 month
    tumor markers- afp-14.9 hcg-773
    06/2018- right i/o

    path- teratoma/yolk sac/chorio

    afp down at 2.3 hcg-3303

    ct- no lymph involvement, lung mets (stage IIIA)

    07/2018- start of 3xBEP +1EP

    changed to 3xBEP

    complete response

    07/2019- 9 months all clear(bhcg<0.1 or undetectable from 5 months)

    10/2019 - ct picked up small nodule on other lung (3mm) blood work normal
    (one year mark after chemo)

    11/2019- afp-0.7 bhcg-2.9


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      Bensenas, How are things going now? Hoping the hcg dropped back to a normal range? P,aease update us now tnhat the forum is working.
      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP