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Need insight and feedback on husband's symptoms

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  • Need insight and feedback on husband's symptoms

    Hello --

    I am a person that does not sit back and wait for the doctor to give answers. I like to learn and find information and read up on anything related to what we are seeking. I am hoping that you could give me some of your insights. My husband who recently turned 50 years old last March started experiencing pain in both sides of his groins around December last year-- it hurts more if he is sitting down in his car.

    Anyhow, after watching him suffer in pain for a month, I encouraged him to go see his doctor. He had an ultrasound done and they discovered a noodle (sp?) on one of the testicules -- it was a black dot on the ultrasound. However he was diagnosed with epidermis (sp?) and was given antibiotics. After finishing the first round of antibiotics, he was still experiencing pain in his groins. He went back and they did another ultrasound and also had him go for blood work to see if his tumor markers showed up. His tumor markers were normal. Ultrasound indicated that he still had epidermis so they gave him another round of antibiotics. Also, the doctor did not find any lumps or any abnormalities in his testicles. Mike was told to come back in 6 months for another ultrasound. He went back last week and the black noodle is still there. He is STILL experiencing pain as it varies throughout the day. He no longer has epidermis and the infections have cleared up yet he is still having pain. Sometimes he has extreme pain throughout the day and sometimes nothing. It is like his "balls" have taken over his vocabulary. I am so worried and would love any insights on what any of you have experienced.

    Thanks so much!!!!


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    No torsion or anything found? That causes a lot of pain - I'm sure they'd have seen that though. He is seeing an actual Urologist right?


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      Hi --- nothing has been found thus far. He is just in extreme pain in his groins... sometimes on one side and sometimes on both sides. He says it feels like tightening and pinching.


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        forgot to answer your other question -- yes he is seeing an urologist. The doctor wants to set up a meeting with him to discuss the next plan. What that is I don't know. Mike is worried that he might have cancer as the doctor said there is a small chance it could be.


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          Some guys with TC get pain, but for most it is painless. I wouldn't be too worried about TC, especially with two negative U/S, that test is *very* good at detecting TC.

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