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worried about needing chemo after RPLND

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  • worried about needing chemo after RPLND


    My younger brother is 19 years old and was diagnosed with TC on Feb 2 - he had the Orchiectomy on Feb 9, the biopsy of which showed a NSGCT, 90% embryonal and 10% seminoma with LVI - making him stage 1b. He just underwent an open RPLND on March 9, and we should see the biopsy results from that in a few days to another week or so (hopefully). I'm constantly searching the internet for answers on how fast NSGCT grow - if perhaps his lymph nodes will test cancer positive and he'll require 2 rounds of BEP. My brother, even at the age of 19, is super emotionally strong and has mostly had a fantastic attitude, but I can see this is all taking a big toll on him, especially as he's in so much pain after the RPLND. The idea of chemo terrifies him, and every time he thinks about it I can see he's becoming more and more anxious. I've seen varying statistics on how many men with his type of tumor need chemo after RPLND, and they're mostly on our side, but I do know that embryonal tumors are aggressive and likely to spread. If anyone knows how likely it will be for my brother to need chemo, if in fact the chemo isn't as awful as it appears to be, or really anything that might be good to know, I'd be happy to hear it.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Abby,

    I am sorry to hear about your brothers diagnosis and hope he is recovering well from the RPLND. Where about did he have the surgery?

    I can understand his and your apprehension and anxiety about chemotherapy but I would put too much worry to it until the results come back. For example, in a study of 322 stage I nonseminoma patients patients only 19% showed any nodes that were positive and overall only 6% of the 322 patients had pathological stage IIb disease (where some chemotherapy is most likely to be needed) the other 13% had pathological stage IIa disease and are most likely managed with surveillance)

    Keep us posted of his results but I just wouldn't be to worried about it at this point.

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      Hope your brother is recovering. It is normal to worry until you have pathology back. Thinking of your brother and you, please update when you can.
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