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Post-Orchiectomy sex drive

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  • Post-Orchiectomy sex drive

    My husband was diagnosed with TC in April 2021 and had one testicle removed in May, luckily it didn’t spread and his next appointment is in September so we’re hoping his numbers have stayed low. As far as cancer goes he never needed further treatment, just surgery, so there’s lots to be thankful for but since surgery he has had zero sex drive.
    Just wanting to find out how normal this is and if there’s anyone else feeling guilty about wanting some fun time even though their spouse has just had a traumatic operation.
    He has chosen not to tell anything to anyone, no social media posts, which is fine as that’s his call but I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to and I feel sad and angry and guilty for feeling all these things even though he’s the one who was diagnosed.
    Thank you in advance for any comments!

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    Welcome! I would recommend, if your husband hasn’t done so yet, ask to have his testosterone levels checked, preferably with an endocrinologist or urologist with some experience in that area. Not just total testosterone but free and bioavailable testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin. Low testosterone can cause the symptom you describe and many others: depression, irritability, low energy, sleep issues, poor mental focus, osteopenia etc. It seems that most men have normal testosterone levels after an orchiectomy but some have a significant drop in testosterone and benefit from supplemental testosterone
    6-17-2014 - ultrasound: right testis neoplasm likely 6-20-2014 - HCG 43 mIU/mL 6-25-2014 - right radical orchiectomy 6-27-2014 - pathology: 3.6 x 3 x 2.3 cm seminoma, classic type.- pT2, pNX, pMX 8-15-2014 - 1x carboplatin 12-22-2020 - enlarged left supraclavicular node. Large abdominal mass noted during GP examination 12-24-2020 - HCG normal 12-28-2020 - CT: large right side retroperitoneal mass, small cyst lower pole of left kidney, 2.3 cm left supraclavicular cystic lesion 1-13-2021 - biopsy 2 left supraclavicular nodes 1-15-2021 - pathology: metastatic seminoma 1-21-2021 - PET: findings consistent with metastatic disease left clavicular 7mm, posterior mediastinum 1.8cm, right adrenal node 1.6cm, aortocaval node 5 x 5cm 2-8-2021 started 4xEP 3-29-2021 switched to 2xEC after 2xEP


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      I 2nd Brendan's recommendations about testing, but his doc may resist going beyond total T but that is a start at least. Most giuys can lose one & go on with a normal sex drive, I had no problems for 35 years with one. Thanks to TRT my drive is still pretty good with none. A few guys find their remaining guy is not up to the task. If this is the case, it is important to address the deficit, testosterone is not just for sex, it helps maintain bone density & weight & is also a factor in heart health if I recall correctly Get it checked
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        Thank you both!