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  • Acid Reflux

    Hi Everyone,

    I just thought I'd throw something out there in case it benefits any future BEPers/EPers. The worst part of my experience was definitely the acid reflux, which was weird because I'd never had it before. However, it hasn't really gone away since chemo, and I recently learned through an upper endoscopy that I have Barrett's esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition caused by stomach acid damaging the esophagus. It's very likely that this condition was brought on by my chemo. It is not very advanced, and the fact that we caught it already makes it unlikely to ever become a serious problem. I'll have to do yearly endoscopies, and change some eating habits (probably not a bad thing), but it's probably not going to be a big deal. I'd rather not have it at all though, and if I could go back in time I would start on something like Nexium or Prilosec a week before chemo to avoid all the acid reflux. I would suggest that guys at least consider this before they start.
    Right I/O 4/'10 Stage I B
    80% embryonal 20% classic seminoma
    CT Scan 5/'10 showed mets in abdomen and lung
    Restaged to III A
    4xEP 5/'10 - 7/'10
    CT Scan 7/'10 Normal
    Surveillance. Most recent all clear: 6/'13

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    By the time I had gone on nexium it was too late, but it did help and boy is it good, i could barely talk/swallow and with gastric problems i lost 13kg in a few weeks. I second your advice, get on it quick.

    I had an endoscopy with no issues except some small ulcers formed during chemo, and for some reason on my gastric emptying i now take 3 times to digest food than a normal person
    Initial diagnoses: Elevated hCG, Left I/O 17-June-2010. Prosthetic implant.
    Pathology: Stage 1b, Seminoma/Teratoma
    Treatment: Surveillance. hCG normalised 07/10
    Relapse: Elevated hCG. 3xBEP finished 24/01/2011