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Sweting and fainting???

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  • Sweting and fainting???

    My hubby finished his 4th week of treatment on Fri, but still has 2 more rounds of Bleo. Last night he started profucely sweating and passed out twice. Took him a few mins to be cohearant. I called 911 and the ambulance took him to the ER where it was stated by the Dr she didnt know what was wrong with him after all tests were done other than he may be dehydrated, his white blood count is normally low after treatment but was a 16 in the ER. Have any of ya'll experienced this type of thing? I would appreciate any info....Thanks

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    Something like this happened to someone when I was in chemo, and I did hear it was because she wasn't drinking enough fluids.
    Jan 11/2011 - left orchiectomy
    Biopsy 100% Embryonal Carcinoma
    CT Shows spread to two lynph nodes largest 5.9cm
    Jan 19/2011 Tumoral Markers lowered to almost normal levels but still high
    Staring BEPx3 on FEB 21/2011
    CT scan 5.9cm mass > 1.9cm Markers Normal
    RPLND June 30/2011 Pathologhy reports: necrotic tissue


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      Did they check his haemoglobin in case he is aneamic. This happened to my brother on his first round and he need to get transfusion and then he felt much better. Just to note did not happen on other rounds.

      Hope he is feeling much better.
      Val Brother (23 when diagnosed) : Dianosed 14/09/2009, testicle removed, Non sem diagnosed. Tumour markers 36000 before op and dropped to 17000 after operation.. Chemo started end of september 4 x BEP. Tumour markers normal at end of chemo. RPLND 26 Feb 2010 No cancer found. Latest Appointment November 2013- CT and markers normal



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