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natural relief from nausea

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  • natural relief from nausea

    Hi I've been suffering from nausea and I was wondering does anyone have any natural ways / relief from nausea? Any suggestions would be amazing thanks!

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    Ginger has some antiemetic properties.

    Yoga and relaxation can also help.

    But overall, if you're doing chemotherapy, then an upgrade in your antiemetic regimen may be warranted.

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      Talk to you doc, Mike. There are powerful meds that can help you, now is not the time to stay "natural"

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        Hi Jp and Dave thanks for the advice. I might give yoga a try Yes, I agree to some extent with not staying natural but I'd like to if possible. I found this quease easy spray which I might try out. Found it on Live Better With they look good. IF your interested: Thanks again appreciate it !


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          Hi Mike,

          Regardless of what method you choose, do know that nausea is one of those things that is far easier to prevent than it is to stop once it starts. So be proactive (which is also why so many people are in favor of medications). However, when I was in the hospital, there was an Amish woman that did not use medications for nausea due to religious beliefs. Not sure how she managed, but it must be possible to an extent.

          In addition to ginger, the nurses recommended to me to just always have some (bland) food in my stomach. Somewhat counterintuitive perhaps, but I found it to be true. So whether it is ginger snaps, crackers, or pretzels, make sure you eat a bite or two every once in awhile. I found this to be helpful.

          While I did not try this while going through treatment, I purchased the book "Healthy at Home: Get Well and Stay Well Without Prescriptions." I have used some of the recipes in there and they were effective. Though, I have never had to look for something for nausea, so I don't know what/if it has to recommend. It (or another similar book/website) might be a good resource for you.

          Lastly when my nausea got bad, going into a dark space and focusing on my breathing also helped! Hope that helps and best of luck to you!
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            Ginger, be it in the form of ginger ale, tea, or even raw, is almost a guarantee to help stop nausea in its tracks.



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