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The effect of adjuvant chemotherapy (carboplatin) on fertility

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  • The effect of adjuvant chemotherapy (carboplatin) on fertility

    Hi all,

    We've only been married for 6 months and as others who have been following will know, I was diagnosed with stage 1 TC. Due to my Tumor being over 4cm and also rete testis invasion, I have opted for adjuvant chemotherapy using the drug carboplatin. I will be having this via a drip into my arm for 1 hour.

    I went to the sperm bank today

    My wife is very concerned as the doctor today (at the sperm bank) told me that 50% of men will lose their fertility. Is this the case, even after a 1 hour dose of Carboplatin?

    The professor at the oncology clinic, last Wednesday, told me that we are not able to try for 6 months (which we fully understand) and that my fertility will come back to normal.

    Does 50% sound right? Or would he have been referring to the effect that 3 or 4 cycles of chemo has on fertility?

    Many thanks


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    Carboplatin likely won't do anything to your long-term fertility. Your doc is wrong.
    Diagnosed at age 31. Treated in NYC. Now living in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

    7/1/2015: felt tiny lump on side of R testicle
    7/30/2015: Ultrasound shows 2 intra-testicular masses.
    7/31/2015: tumor markers normal, CXR clear
    8/5/2015: R orchiectomy
    8/11/2015: Pathology: 1.2 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm, embryonal 80%, seminoma 20%, with LVI and rete testis invasion
    8/14/2015: CT abdomen/pelvis clear, Stage 1b
    8/24/2015: started 1 x BEP


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      Agreed, I'd expect your fertility to return to post-orchidectomy 'normal' a few months after your carbo (and you should, indeed, not have unprotected sex for at least that time),

      - T
      30 Jul 14: Discovered lump
      31 Jul 14: GP referral to specialist
      4 Aug 14: Clinical diagnosis of tumour, blood samples taken, CT scans, USS (confirming ~2cm tumour)
      8 Aug 14: Left radical orchidectomy (plus test results back: CT normal, no mets; blood markers slightly elevated: AFP 14.16, HCG 4.9, LDH 149)
      29 Aug 14: Pathology results: Stage 1A Mixed Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumour (composition: Yolk-sac Tumour and Mature Teratoma)

      24 Sep 14: Started precautionary adjuvant 1xBEP
      23 Oct 14: All clear; on surveillance


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        Thanks for your help... I hope so