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What can and can't I do after adjuvant chemo?

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  • What can and can't I do after adjuvant chemo?

    I'm having 1 hour of carboplatin as an adjuvant chemotherapy, on the 24th August.

    What can and can't I do after this? We have a camping trip booked 2 days after my chemo, and the nurse said this shouldn't be a problem to still go?

    In terms of my job, I do sports massage therapy so quite a physical job.

    How will I feel after chemo? Will I need much time off work?

    Many thanks


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    Usually, there is no major problem with 1 dose of carboplatin if your kidneys are good (which I suppose). You can get a little nauseous after your dose, but it's manageable and it won't last.

    If you feel ok for camping, then go !

    I would take off the day of the chemo. But you will be able to return to work pretty soon after your dose. Listen to your body !

    Good luck,

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