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Cisplatin - Ringing in ears

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    It is one of the side effects that my 17 year old has, besides nausea, and Bleo redness/rash. His comes and goes, but from cycle 1, he has had it.
    Son Grant
    dx 12/21/16 at age 17

    BEP x3
    Post Chemo CT Scan on 3/28/17 still showed a few nodes over 2 cm
    2nd Post Chemo CT Scan on 4/27/17 showed all nodes still over 2cm
    Post Chemo RPLND 5/8/17: Periaortic Teratoma, Intraaorticaval Teratoma, and Paracaval Teratoma found.


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      I had 2xbep the ringing started in about the end of the first cycle and i told the doctor. it become very strong in the beginning of the second cycle and the doctor increased the time for the infusion of the cisplatin. i cant really recall the timeframes but lets say that i was having the cisplatin in 2 hours and they increased the time to 4-5 hours (by reducing the infusion rate to the vein). this helped somehow. the ringing stayed for months but reduced in strength (or at least i got used to it). now about 2 years later i really rarely hear it and much less pay attention to it.
      -02/2015 ct scan clear now on surveillance
      -January 2015 end of chemo
      -01-12-2014 2xBep start
      -biopsy said classic seminoma in 2/22 nodes
      -10-2014 lap rplnd
      -06-2014 lymph node increased to 12 mm
      -01-2014 10mm lymph node in the paraortic left region
      -2 years surveillance clear with ct scans and blood work
      -2 biopsies performed(1st said teratoma, embryonal and seminoma element, 2nd said teratoma and seminoma)
      -12-2011 cancer diagnozed NSGCT left orchiectomy


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        I still have ringing three months post chemo, but it's only happening sometimes and it's much better, doesn't really bother me anymore! Hopefully it gets better with time.
        July 2016 - Left I/O
        December 2016 - BEPx3
        All clear for 1 year!

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          I still have ringing 2-3 months after chemo also. It's actually more obvious recently, but it doesn't bother me.
          24 year old diagnosed 6/11/16
          Pre/o markers 9/11/16 - HCG 15, AFP 210, LDH 539
          Pre/o CT Clear
          Non-seminoma (80% embryonal carcinoma, 10% yolk sac tumour, 5% chorea carcinoma, 5% seminoma)
          Post-op markers - 14/12/16 - HCG 35, AFP 1050, LDH 430
          Post-op CT with one enlarged lymph node - 1.5x1cm
          Borderline stage 2B/3B
          BEPx3 started 15/12/16 (Borderline BEPx4 - Advise of Dr. E to only do 3 rounds)
          CT and markers clear - in remission - 28/2/16


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            I had a couple of seconds of loud ringing early on during chemo a few times a day, then towards the end of 4xBEP it became a more constant light hum. Still got it a month after chemo. Gets annoying in bed at night when you lie there "listening" to it.