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Question about nausea and for how long after chemo

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  • Question about nausea and for how long after chemo

    Hi folks! So my husband is due to go in for his RPLND surgery in 3 days. As scary as the operation is, he is looking forward to it in some way because he has Mature Teratomas as his diagnosed tumour type. The biggest one being 12cm! His last day of chemo was 1 month ago on Nov 5th. He has weened himself off of his meds (Zofran and Compazine). I think his last pill was about Thanksgiving time.... so my question is, how long does it take before he stops being sick? (like puking) He has good days and bad days... Its about 2 good, then a bad. When he is sick, its very sudden and without much warning. Maybe 1 time in the day, or like today 4 times in 10 minutes..... The ONLY medicine that has helped him STOP vomiting is pot. He is trying not to have to smoke it with surgery coming up. But when he gets bouts of being sick he needs to have 1 bong hit, and then it stops completely, no more vomiting. Which is great! But he is so sick of having to have a smoke for this. At first we thought it was just the residual effects of the chemo (and btw- the meds were ok for 1st 2 cycles and then didnt work and pot was the only thing that got him through chemo. He tried ativan and even ZYPREXA [once] but it made him suicidal, so we stuck with compazine and zofran alternating and overlapping every day for 3 months.) His chemo was 4 cycles of EP. We expected that the nausea would continue for a couple weeks but now its a month..... and still he vomits several times a week. He says its like a whirling sensation in his stomach and then *bleehhh*

    Anyone else have this problem this far out from their last chemo day? He passed his pre-surgical testing and had his tumour markers taken which I assume were normal since they NEVER had risen. And Dr Joel Sheinfeld's RN hasnt phoned us saying they went up. He never had elevated markers which is typical of 100% teratomas. I wonder if its the mass being so big? We dont know if its the residual chemo or the teratoma pressing on his kidneys. I ask this question here, because the phrase of the year from the doctors is "Everyone's different" which is infuriating.

    I look forward to any replies!
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    Late May of 2016 - went to doctor complaining of testicle pain June 9th - results of Ultrasound 2.6cm complex mass (NSGCT) Bloodwork normal July 6th - left Orchiectomy July 14th - 2nd Pathology report confirms 100% Mature Teratoma (2cm) germ cell neoplasia in situ July 25th - CAT scans for abdomen, pelvis & thorax. X-ray chest July 30th - found out 12cm mass was in retroperitoneal nodes Aug 3rd - Oncologist appointment, blood work normal confirmed Stage IIC Aug 18th - Dr Seinfeld & Dr Bosl appointment @ MSK Aug 29th - 4 cycles of EP Nov 4th - last day of chemo! Dec 9th - RPLND surgery Dr Sheinfeld. Dec 19th - discharged! Pathology report pure teratoma, so cancer free!!

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    I can't recall anyone here reporting nausea a month post chemo. I only got a bit queasy for a few days after my long week & was fine after that until the next cycle. With a 12 CM mass, I'm guessing that might be the cause, chemo does not normally cause nausea that long.

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