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Difficulty swallowing food/choking

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  • Difficulty swallowing food/choking

    I'm currently about the start the third day of my second cycle and I am getting what I believe to be a side effect that my regular nurse has not heard of. In the first cycle I was having difficulty swallowing chewed up baked potato but as long as I took each bite with some fluid I was fine. Without it I would get the food wedged in my throat unable to swallow it and would have to either force it back up and take a big swallow, or take it again with some water. I didn't notice any difficulty in my second and third weeks (I recovered very fast in terms of side effects in the first cycle).

    Now it's happening again but seemingly much worse. Since I started the new cycle pretty much everything I eat right down to Rice Krispies and Kraft Mac and Cheese is getting wedged in my throat... I'm fine if I take some water with each bite but it's concerning to me that I feel like I'm choking if I don't. Right now I'm leaning towards the excess fluid from the first day (consider I'm getting all three chemo drugs plus Emend, plus Pepcid to prep me for the Bleo, I put on 5 lbs water weight in a day). Is it possible that the excess fluid is narrowing my esophagus? This is my current theory since it happened mildly in the first cycle. The best way I can describe it while it's happening is I almost feel like I've "forgotten how to swallow".

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey bud, not really sure on that. Are you upright when you're eating? I haven't really had an issue with this. Maybe just chew the food a bit more before you swallow is all I can think of. I try to chew a ton for each bite to make sure everything is broken up nicely and will digest well. How has it been since you posted?


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      Yeah, I guess no one else really knows either. My oncologist isn't familiar with the issue either and thinks it may have been a touch of acid reflux but I haven't had that issue in the past. After the first two days of the cycle the issue seems to subside, but I'm able to manage it as long as I swallow all my food with liquid. Maybe I'll just stick with liquids on the first couple days of the third cycle comes around.


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        The main thing is to thoroughly and longly chew your food. You can take a sip of water or tea during the process.