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My experience with 4xEP

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  • My experience with 4xEP

    Hello guys,

    It's been a while since I posted and I just wanted to give an update about my case, so people with the same fight can have more information.


    I got diagnosed with TC on July and had left I/O. My first CT scan on late august showed 3 lymph nodes enlarged with the biggest one 5.1x3.9cm. On September 6th I started my chemotherapy at MD Anderson in Houston under Dr. TU supervision. I went under 4 rounds of EP and I finished it on Monday, November 12th. The only side effects that I felt until now are hair loss, since second week, and tinnitus after my second cycle. Past two months I skipped work because of treatment only for 3 days, usually they were the first day of cycle because I had to stay at hospital for like 12 hours. I never vomited or felt a hard hit of nausea. Usually at day 5 and 6 I felt tired, but I mostly had it because of long days at hospital (9 hours for 5 straight days). Sometimes I had headache but nothing unusual. The only things that I recall different on my body were two times that I had a shortness of breath, which occurred during work load, and it got normalized within minutes. I am a low voltage electrician, so I worked 10 hours shift and most of it standing or climbing ladders. I always had my bloodwork before every cycle and the results were always good, at least for a person who'd having chemo. My LDH at the start was 650 and after second cycle it went 220, but before my last cycle went up to 250, which my doctor and we all know it's not like a real marker. My next appointment is on 19th and 20th of December, when I will have my bloodwork and my PET scan. I'm hoping for the best so I can start my surveillance after it. I know the fight isn't over and I'm ready for anything I asked my doctor what is a good result and he told that if lymph nodes are less than 2cm it means that propably it's just scars or concrete. They had previous people who went under RPLND and almost always they got negative results of cancer.

    This is my journey so far. Hope I'm helping somebody to clear his mind and if you have any question just reply or send me a message.

    Thank you guys
    Dec 2017 - felt lump and never checked it out.
    07.17.18 - Diagnosed with TC
    07.20.18 - Left I/O
    08.04.18 - Pathology - Seminoma
    08.24.18 - CT Scan shows 3 enlarged lymph nodes (3.3x3.1cm & 3.3x3.2cm & 5.1x3.9cm) no other organs met
    09.04.18 - OFFICIAL STAGE 3A Seminoma
    09.06.18 - Started 4xEP @ MD Anderson
    11.12.18 - Finished 4xEP
    12.20.18 - Waiting for my PET SCAN...

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    Good job making it through 4x EP ! Sounds like you had it a bit easier than others with side effects which is amazing. Consider yourself lucky in that sense lol. Great write-up, hope your tests come out all clear! I get mine as well on the 19th, hopefully we will both have good news in time for the holidays. Cheers!


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      The best wishes for your two gentlemen! My son is following you two finishing chemo in one and half month.

      Amy , Ryan’s mum


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        Thanks for sharing your experience as it will sure to be helpful for the next guy and all the best on the upcoming check up.

        Oct. 2005 felt lump but waited over 7 months.
        06.15.06 "You have Cancer"
        06.26.06 Left I/O
        06.29.06 Personal Cancer Diagnosis Date: Got my own pathology report from medical records.
        06.30.06 It's Official - Stage I Seminoma
        Founded the Testicular Cancer Society
        6.29.13 Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro for 7th Cancerversary

        For some reason I do not get notices of private messages on here so please feel free to email me directly at if you would like to chat privately so as to avoid any delays.