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    Ct was yesterday, today MRI and met thoracic surgeon. He wants to wait and look at it again when we do next monitoring CT scan in a couple months and include chest as well. If it's larger we'll go in and remove the 2 of them, if same we just continue to monitor. Waiting for CT/MRI results tomorrow or next day.


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      3 mm and 6 mm lung nodules are still very small, especially if your abdominal CT is clean. I am not sure I would be too overly anxious about them at this point although the wait and see is never easy. If they do decide that they need to go in in a few months, then I would run things past Dr. Einhorn. I would specifically ask if they could do one side and if that pathology correlates to the other side. However, that is a ways down the road so no need to jump the gun yet. Let us know what the CT and MRI say.

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        CT & MRI results came back clean of cancer. There is a postoperative lymphocele(5.5cm X 4cm) and a small umbilical hernia noted, but the rest is good. MRI shows Mild FLAIR changes in the brain likely remote insult or early chronic microvascular ischemia but other than that the same as my last one.

        The thoracic surgeon thinks the best option is to wait and look at the new 6mm nodule in 2 months given the fact my markers are normal. If the new 6mm nodule has grown by then he will just remove it as well as the stable 3mm one.

        I plan on updating Dr. Einhorn following my conversation with my Oncologist sometime today when she calls to make her recommendations.

        Mike, that sounds like a solid contingency plan and I'll mention it to my Dr.


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          Glad things are not showing any cancer on Ct and MRI. Whew!!!!!
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            New CT scan came back and 6mm nodule is no longer identifiable. Other nodules are stable and markers are normal. I'm meeting Oncologist, Urologist and Thoracic surgeons this week to discuss the monitoring plan going forward
            Thanks for everyone's advice on here, you guys are great!


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              Just read your whole thread and am happy to read your last post!! Hooray for observation!!!! Here's to 2018 being a healthy year!!!