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question about a pretty big lymph node

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  • question about a pretty big lymph node

    Hi all, havent posted much however have been reading non stop since diagnosed with recurrence last month. Background-
    right I/O 4 years ago, 100% seminoma
    Surveillance since then, however skipped 1 CT due to ridiculous cost every 6 months so I went 9months without a scan. Went to Dr due to pain in abdomen, got the CT scan and found a 7cm tumor in 1 lymph node.
    7cm seems to be on the larger size especially if it is 100% Seminoma (slower growing from what I've read and been told).

    My question is, chemo is very effective vs seminoma but what is the likely hood 3xbep can shrink a 7cm tumor down to normal?
    Also is there anyone out there that had a similar situation that can advise on what the treatment options are post chemo if the node doesn't shrink all the way?
    Thanks in advance for any input!!

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    Guys have had some fairly large tumors shrunk down to normal, but I don't know the odds Post chemo RPLND would probably be the option if chemo doesn't work out as hoped.

    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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      My seminoma tumor was 7.x cm to 8.x cm, in the largest dimension and shrunk down to 1.3 cm after 3x BEP. For seminomas, they generally only do RPLNDs if it post-chemo the tumor is more than 3 cm in any direction.

      Additionally, the treatment modality really depends on the location of the tumor. My surrounded my inferior vena cava and so they couldn't do surgery without a reduction in tumor size.

      Feel free to message me and pick my brain.
      2/2017 - Right groin and flank pain (thought it was blue balls or a strain)
      3/2/17 - ER discovers 7.5 x 6.5 x 3.0 mass around IVC
      3/6/17 - Fine needle aspiration of mass finds seminoma
      3/26/17 - Dx bilateral seminoma stage IIC
      4/10/17-6/6/17 - 3x BEP
      7/14/17 - CT Scan shows abdominal mass complete response
      7/25/17 - Bilateral orchiectomy showing scarring, fibrosis, and necrosis
      12/28/17 - Pulmonary nodule scare
      3/26/18 - All clear


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        That's reassuring, thank you!