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A Couple Last Questions Before Surgery...

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  • A Couple Last Questions Before Surgery...

    Firstly wanted to say thank you to all the people on this forum. The help I've gotten here has been tremendously helpful.

    I have orchiectomy surgery this Thursday, Nov. 9. (I'm 25).

    1) From meeting with my Urologist we scheduled the orchiectomy two weeks out. It looks like a lot of people on here had surgery a mere couple days after their diagnosis. Is two weeks a long time? I asked if it could spread in that window, but he said it was very unlikely and that two weeks was rather expedited.

    2) Should I put in a request to get my testosterone tested before surgery? Testosterone levels mean a lot to me and I've seen people on these forums recommend to have it tested beforehand to have a baseline. While many men aren't affected by testosterone drops post-orchiectomy of one testicle, I know there are at least 10% that are. I messaged my PCP about getting these tests done within the next two days.

    3) I read about frozen section biopsies. Are these rather rare? My Urologist didn't mention anything about them. What are the drawbacks and is it worth asking about them?

    4) Is there anything else I should ask in advance of my surgery, or perhaps after? Thanks in advance.


    Tumor Markers:

    LDH Total: 170 IU/L (Standard: 110-268 IU/L)
    AFP: 1.0 IU/mL (Standard: 0.5-5.0 IU/mL)
    HCG: <1 mIU/mL (Standard: 0-4 mIU/mL)

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    I regret not asking about frozen section biopsy given that what I had ended up not being TC. I ended up with a feeling that my ball could have been saved, and loosing one like that depressed me.

    My surgery was 3 weeks after first US and 2 weeks after second US. Given that itís Canada some wait is expected.

    If T is important to you, get it checked. Although T level varies throughout the day so you may want to discuss with urologist how to go about checking that.


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      Frozen biopsies are usually only done if you have already lost one testicle or there is a significant reason to think you have a condition other than TC. Well over 90% of hypoechoic masses in a testicle are TC.

      Getting a proper baseline T level canít hurt and may come in useful later.

      As for a two week wait, it isnít likely to cause a problem but donít let it drag any longer.


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        And why is that? My urologist never mentioned it and I, regretfully, only learned about testicle sparring surgery after I/O.
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          1) It truly varies.
          2)Yes, get T levels checked that way you have a baseline for normal.
          3) Have no idea if that is done.
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            I am not sure really. I think that the stats are part of it - I know itís no comfort to you as you were one of the exceptions but the huge majority of lumps do turn out to be cancer. From other reading around, there is also a small risk of the wrong diagnosis meaning cancer is put back and a very small risk of spread resulting from the frozen section. I donít think the error rate from frozen section quite matches the error rate for straight orchiectomy with no frozen section, but the figures may be close enough to justify not doing frozen section unless there is a specific reason to do so.