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  • My story

    My story....

    It all started June of 2017. I was attending a one week field exercise for the army. After coming out of the field I was having pain directly where my belly buckle rested. I constantly had to pee or poop but barely released either when I went to the bathroom. My field medic thought I had a UTI. Symptoms went away on their own.

    About 4-6 weeks later I noticed my left testicle was swollen and continually got bigger. I was hoping it was from the possible UTI from months earlier. About the same time I was having 6-8 bowel movements a day some solid some diarrhea. I went to the dr about the bowel movements but chose to omit any information about my testicle. Finally I told my dr about the testicle and the tests began. Upon seeing the urologist he wanted it out two days later. He told me during the consult it was cancer which I knew and wasnít devestatex. I was just concerned if it got to my brain. I was 100% convinced it was pure choriocarcinoma.

    Removal of testicle went great. I stayed on my feet entire day retreated to prevent soreness and blood clotting. Tumors markers came back and I was diagnosed with pure seminoma. I cried with joy! To me thatís hitting the lottery as far as punching ur ticket to cancer. I have one lymph node over 4-5cm and my lungs were cleared which threw me into stage IIb.

    I started chemo cycle 1 today. Having TC sucks and is frustrating but Iíve accepted it and taking it well especially knowing itís a very curable disease.

    What scares me is the other problems I potentially have. I possibly have thyroid cancer. My chest ct scan noticed it was swollen. I have had a fine needle aspiration and just awaiting on the biopsy. I had one small module it picked up. Thyroid cancer is very treatable. I also have blood on my stool which was a concern to start my chemo now. Iím worried about a third possible cancer, colon cancer or rectum. Itís highky unlikely but possible. My motherís side of the family has a long history of IBS (mother), chrons and ulcerative colitis both from cousins. I had this bleeding about ten years ago when I was 25 in college. It just came back. Iím hoping itís UC and not cancer. Colonoscopy will tell soon.

    Iím excited to get the chemo finished and cured of TC tho. Wish me luck. Updates to follow.

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    So sorry to welcome you here. Hoping you will handle it well. Yikes, about the possibility of thyroid cancer & colon/rectal issues.Keep us updated.
    Son Grant
    dx 12/21/16 at age 17

    BEP x3
    Post Chemo CT Scan on 3/28/17 still showed a few nodes over 2 cm
    2nd Post Chemo CT Scan on 4/27/17 showed all nodes still over 2cm
    Post Chemo RPLND 5/8/17: Periaortic Teratoma, Intraaorticaval Teratoma, and Paracaval Teratoma found.


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      Thanks! This site has been very very very helpful and mind/nerves soothing.

      The thyroid cancer if it is will be caught very early stage I more than likely. So it was a blessing it was caught by the chest CT scan. All four thyroid cancers are very curable through most stages, like 99% for stage I in each.

      The colon cancer is worse case scenario. The GI dr and oncologist doesnít think it will be cancer and are leaning toward best case hemroids worse case chrons given my family history, age, etc.


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        For what it is worth you have me a retired Army EOD sfc to chew my ear if you need too. I will always listen and help a brother in arms.
        Jan 2012- U/S mass in Left testicle
        Feb 2012- I/O performed to remove cancer
        Mar 1,2012- pathology pure seminoma
        Mar 7, 2012 PET SCAN stage IIa
        April 2012 Mayo clinic carbolite.
        May 2012 carbolite failed, started BEP x3
        August 7th 2012- BEP complete
        April 2013 CT/PET show relapse
        May 2013 RPLND
        Aug 2013 Relapse again Started VIeP x2
        Oct 2013 HDC AUTOLOGOUS
        Dec 2013 HDC completed CT/PETSCAN 1.1 cm x .8 cm right lower lung lobe
        Feb 2014 confirmed false positive all clear FINALLY !
        Jan 2015 1 year cancer free Pet/CT scan
        Jan 2016 2 years cancer free "Pet/CT scan


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          Thanks man. Appreciate it. Talking does wonders! Iím currently stationed at fort leonardwood for career course. I graduate 15th of DEC. looking at getting an extension of orders to stay here for treatment. Blessing it was caught here on orders and early. Just ready to get cured and home to the wife and kiddos.


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            Update chemo treatment and on thyroid:

            Fine needle aspiration came back negative for cancer On the thyroid. But it does has atypical cell growth which could mean its trying to form. Iím being referred to a specialist to talk about removal of the left portion of my thyroid for further testing and prevention. If tests come back negative I could keep my other half of thyroid. If positive I will lose it. Iím almost decided to just remove it and take synthetic hormones rest of my life. Might as well nip it in the butt now huh?... so basically my interpretation is I have stage 0 thyroid cancer lol.

            Iím on day three of chemo. Iím doing 4xEP this is cycle 1 day three. Feel great so far no nausea or tiredness. Iím hoping I keep going strong. Iím wandering if since I chose EP over BEP that I may have less nausea hairloss etc!?...

            Oncologist had me bump up my colonoscopy to be done before my second round of chemo to figure out the bleeding Iím having on my stool. My white blood cell count is at 10.2 needs to be around 12. I have an iron deficiency to. Most of this stemmed from a Mallory Weiss tear back in 10/13/2017. Fingers crossed I just have hemroids or ulceritis coalitis at the worse. Really hoping I donít have colon cancer. On the bright side mri and ct scans show lungs liver pancreas kidneys and everything else as cancer free. So being optimistic if I do have colon cancer on top of this we should catch it early.


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              Sorry you did not get the results yet for your thyroid. As far as EP vs BEP I do not think there is much of a difference for most in regards to hair loss. FYI~It is common for white blood cell count to drop even more before 2nd round. Wishing you luck with the thyroid and colonoscopy. Glad you are being vigilant, my younger brother passed away from colon cancer in 2016.
              Son Grant
              dx 12/21/16 at age 17

              BEP x3
              Post Chemo CT Scan on 3/28/17 still showed a few nodes over 2 cm
              2nd Post Chemo CT Scan on 4/27/17 showed all nodes still over 2cm
              Post Chemo RPLND 5/8/17: Periaortic Teratoma, Intraaorticaval Teratoma, and Paracaval Teratoma found.


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                Unfortunately I suspect 4xEP is actually harder than 3xBEP. The E and P are the drugs that cause the most nausea and neuropathy, and you get a whole extra round of them. The Bleomyacin (sp?) I believe only affects the lungs and skin, and that is not as common. My first round wasn't too bad either, could continue life as normal really. By 4th round though it really kicked my butt.
                6/5/15: bHCG 27,AFP 8.66, LDH 361, 5.6cm lymph node - Stage IIC
                6/16/15: Left I/O 85% EC, 10% chorio, 5% yolk sac opinion 2 (mayo) 90% EC, 10% yolk sac
                7/7/15: bHCG 56, AFP 42, LDH 322
                7/13/15 - 9/18/15: 4xEP
                10/1/15: bloodwork normal, ct scan shows 2 lymph nodes 1.0cm
                10/26/15: 2nd opinion on CT results - lymph nodes normal. Surveillance!
                4/6/16: 1.7cm X 1.5cm lymph node found with markers normal.
                4/20/16: RPLND @ IU - teratoma only!
                3/29/2018 all clears up to this date!


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                  It could go either way though - I did 3xBEP and first round was the worst... good luck!
                  July 2016 - Left I/O
                  December 2016 - BEPx3
                  All clear for 1 year!

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