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CDC / NCBI Article on Trans Scrotal Approach.

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  • CDC / NCBI Article on Trans Scrotal Approach.

    The article postulates Three Advantages of NOT using the inguinal orchiectomy approach and instead preforming the orchiectomy via the scrotum:

    1) A benign lesion can unnecessarily and unknowingly be treated by orchiectomy.
    2) Alternate routes of tumor dissemination (superficial external pudendal veins) are not clamped or destroyed before the tumor-bearing testis is brought up through the external inguinal ring.
    3) The act of squeezing the testis through the external inguinal ring may be an important cause of tumor spread.

    The third reason is one that seems to pan out in what I've read in other's posts. It seems as if many have normal abdominal prior to I/O. But, then shortly after their abdominal lymph nodes increase in size requiring a RPLND. Did the brute force required to squeeze a cancerous testicle the size of a walnut through an opening the size of a number two pencil (which is mostly sealed up) spread the cancer to the abdominal lymph nodes? The article claims that I/O spread cancer. Which is an irony considering the reason for the I/O is to decrease the likelihood of spreading the cancer into the pelvic lymph nodes.

    In my last thread I attempted to post answers to questions, but had been banned by my IP number.

    Then, I got an email telling me I had "full privileges". So, I'm posting this article.

    If I can post it, I'll go back and answer some of the questions from my first post. and give an update.