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  • My story

    Hey all, let me introduce myself and then share my story.

    I'm a 27 year old LEO, father of two. Healthy, never had surgery or broken bone in my life. Just over a year ago I had pain in my groin near my hip flexors. I figured it could of been a hernia or from my gear belt at work, so I went to the DR, they checked and ultimately an Ultrasound was conducted. Turns out I had no hernia and it was only a cyst.

    Fast forward a year later, I had similar pain/annoyance in that area, felt down below and noticed my left testis was half hard and didn't feel normal. I initially brushed it off for a week, then finally went to doctor. Same routine they felt it, checked for hernia, ULtrasound and notified me of a mass inside the left testis and referred me to urology dept.

    I met with Urologist and explained what I just told you, he then checked my testicle and pulled up the two ultrasounds from a year ago and recently. He was fairly confident and said I most likely had testicular cancer and I needed to get I/O, my wife was crying beside me but I kept my self together, my mindset was let's take care of this and move on.

    A week later I had the I/O , everything went fine, I woke up all happy , the recovery is still in the process but I just get sore from sitting. The following week after surgery I met with the urologist again and he handed me a paper with the pathology report, he said it was confirmed cancer , the paper showed 80% mature teratoma and 20% embrynal carcinoma.

    Prior to the surgery he already confirmed it was cancer due to my AFP 24.

    I was then shown my CT scan which was also done prior to the I/O, he said everything seemed normal except he was worried because my RPLN was borderline abnormal, 7 x 9 mm, not sure how true that is, I tried researching but opinions vary.

    He basically said it's 50/50 chance of microscopic cancer cells due to size and significance etc.

    I have blood work to check my Tumor markers on 7/17, and the results will be the following week presumably.

    My question to you all , what are your opinions? Thoughts? If they are elevated it's chemo, if not it's surveillance or the RPLND, which scares me..

    Some days I'm skeptical other says I'm confident. The waiting game is the hardest , I need your feedback for my sanity.

    Apologize for any typos or grammatical errors I'm using my iPhone.


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    The waiting game is the hardest part. First thing and most important is this was caught early meaning you WILL be cured (if by chance you aren’t already). I’m in no way a doctor, so take my word for what it is (a person who has been in this forum and read stories for a year and a half about) and not a medical opinion. It’s hard to say what the lymph node is if it is something. With you having both embryonal and teratoma I would agree with the plan. Chemo won’t fix a teratoma, but would embryonal. Surgery would fix teratoma and possibly embryonal. At that point you’d know at least what it was for sure. If it is embryonal you could be a candidate for adjuvant chemo if you choose since they removed the lymph nodes and avoid 2 rounds of chemo later on if you were to relapse (PLEASE someone correct me on this point if I’m mistaken because I feel I have a memory of this from the board but I’m not sure), but at any rate I think the plan in place is a good one.
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      Thanks for responding decalandrelli. Only time will tell..


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        Well, your node is below the 1cm threshold for further treatment, so it shouldn't be a problem waiting a bit & see where the markers go. I would also request another CT in a month or so before agreeing to any treatment. Teratoma does not raise markers, so if they go up chemo is a possibility. If they return to normal & that node does not, then surgery is likely to be recommended, especially if the node gets larger.

        In the meantime, healing & waiting are all you can do, waiting is often the hardest part, I;m afraid.

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          Unfortunately, I think you are in a longer waiting period. Seeing what your AFP is doing is going to be important and hopefully it is dropping. With the node, assuming that it is a typical landing zone for testicular cancer given the side you were affected on and the actual node, it is less than the 1 cm cutt-off so a bit inconclusive. Not knowing for sure if the node is an issue means that you could do BEPx1, which would be under treatment if it really has cancer in it or you could risk doing BEPx3, which would be over treatment if there is no cancer in it.

          As hard as it is waiting, I think it is going to take a bit of time to get it figured out and make the proper decisions.

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            My doctor said it was a 50/50 chance I may have microscopic cancer in me still. Do you think that is a fair assumption? He has over 20 years of practice and has been right this far. What do you think? Would the blood tests read ?


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              You are scheduled for blood work tomorrow, lets see what that tells us.
              Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
              Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP