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A fortunate break?

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  • A fortunate break?

    Hi, folks. Can't say I'm glad to find myself posting here, but I'm certainly glad to have found this forum.

    Long story short, on Thursday, September 6th, I went in to my PCP to discuss a lump I'd found outside my left testicle. I'd had it for about two months, but figured it was nothing. My doctor also thought it was nothing, but sent me off for an ultrasound just to be safe. Well, we were right—the lump was only a cyst. But the ultrasound revealed a small but "highly suspicious" hypoechoic mass with vascularity in the OTHER testicle. So, I'm extremely fortunate in that this seems to have been caught quite early (my recollection is that the measurements were something like 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.8) through sheer luck.

    I met with the urologist a week ago today. He said it's highly likely that it's cancer based on the location and the vascularity of the mass, and he scheduled me for a radical orchiectomy, which is happening tomorrow (September 18th). In the interim, I've had blood tests (no elevated markers) and the CT scan (no sign of enlarged lymph nodes or spread). The urologist says that makes it very likely to be plain seminoma, which I understand to be the best possible outcome.

    I'm very stressed about the surgery—there's something about being under general anesthesia that really frightens me. Beyond that, I'm also oddly nervous about the ultimate diagnosis. In sharing what's been going on with me with friends and family, I feel like I've given everyone the impression that I absolutely do have cancer, when I guess there's still the possibility that it could be something else. So I've got weird pending guilt adding to my stress.

    At any rate, I'm going in very early tomorrow (5:30AM check-in, 7:30AM procedure). I'm hoping I'll feel better about things after surviving surgery. Looking forward to coming back here once I get through this initial part. Then maybe I can get my head to stop spinning. It has been quite the week-and-a-half.

    And if you've read this far, thanks so much!

    September 2018 - Right I/O
    October 2018 - Pathology: testicular fibrothecoma (benign)

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    “when I guess there's still the possibility that it could be something else.“ - it could be. No one will know for certain until you loose a ball unfortunately.

    Doctors however say that chances of that happening are very low.

    I had a solid mass with increased blood flow to it (vascularity). And it did turn out NOT to be a cancer. I however lost a ball for that and I do regret it.


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      Thanks for your response, vpirh. I saw in another post of yours that you had had multiple ultrasounds. Was there something questionable about the first one regarding the likelihood of malignancy that caused you to have a second one?

      I'm sorry that you ended up having the orchiectomy unnecessarily, but I'm also glad you didn't have cancer.
      September 2018 - Right I/O
      October 2018 - Pathology: testicular fibrothecoma (benign)


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        No. I don’t think so, although details of the US were not shared with me, just summary that I had a mass and increased blood flow. My operation was set for 3 weeks after first US (that is Canada) so there was time to do another US. It came back same as first with “mass” less by 2 mm in one dimension. That my doctor dismissed as radiologist error.